2 Andrew Stephens 16 Brendan Hosking 25 Shaun Ryan and making sense of their destruction


It’d definitely be a grey area subject to interpretation, but basically, it’d be similar to having the ball stripped or knocked out by the tackling player.

If the tackler doesn’t go near the actual ball then it should be deemed a throw, especially if it “miraculously” ends up in a teammates hands.


The other issue is that technically there might be up to 40 things you could call a free kick per quarter, but only 40-50 free kicks per game are actually awarded.
Of course people are going to see the ones that aren’t paid to their team.



They need to simplify the game. Too concerned about making rules to curb tactics.

Surely our umps can sit down and work out what is and isnt Black and White.

How much input do they have to the rules of the game?


Mistakes are for learning. I wonder if he will learn from that one?


A good example of cognitive dissonance.


That the problem i see with the no prior/knocked loose rule. Players like nicnat drop the ball on first contact and never a free for it. No obligation on the players to dispose correctly


Well hey… would you look at that…




But we got 100 per cent of those 50 / 50 against us

I mean every one!!


Def in the last quarter.

I wonder if it was the same ump?

Interesting to watch the third through Collingwood eyes and see if he was as poor then as well for them.

We got dudded when it mattered thats for sure.


So under the no prior, both WHE and Stephenson would have been play on?


I don’t know which is which, as I just haven’t looked at them again, because it will make no difference to the outcome, and just upset, … so I can;t say for sure.
But provided the ball/s spilt out, or was dropped towards the boot for a truly attempted kick, or an ACTUAL handpass was attempted, … then I’m going to say yes, … but if it was a clear throw, or throw/hit type handpass then, as per ever, . no.

Back in my day the call for those situations was, … “Play on, … He Tried!”

I’m not sure they ever use that expression anymore, I certainly haven’t heard it, … but they should.



Stephenson had no prior and made an attempt, but because he was off his feet with an arm pinned, he literally threw the ball towards his foot. If it hit his foot, no issue with a play on call, but it didn’t and therefore it absolutely must be a free against for incorrect disposal.


One of the issues is that the umpires seem to take on some role of directing the game rather than policing it.

There’s too much communication from them telling the players what to do or warning them of doing something with a free or 50 paid for not complying. They’re trying to influence player behavior and the product.

I feel that this creeps into their decision making on holding the ball decisions. They seem to be happy to let the play go on when the game is flowing which pollutes their thinking and distracts from them simply applying the rules consistently.

Need to be policemen only and not part traffic controllers.


I was asking BSD if it was play on under his simplified (common sense) rules.


Oh get farked. Once again Pies getting the armchair ride through the season!

And we are getting stooged both on what is paid & also what is unpaid as usual.

Season 2018…

EFC 12th and only improved to that after Woosh & the club made it know unhappy


Are they still available


Interesting point.

If a player throws an Aaron Rodgers hail mary but runs 50m in time to kick it before it hits the ground, is this a legal disposal?


Sounds like the makings of a movie.