2 Andrew Stephens 16 Brendan Hosking 25 Shaun Ryan and making sense of their destruction


OK, but how does that theory explain the previous 50+ years of bias???


Yes, like that one where some opposition player dropped his knees into the back or head of ?Heppell when he was on the ground, and the maggot offered the encouraging advice of “Watch what you do with those knees. Play on”

Further proving they are not incompetent; they are corrupt.


You wouldn’t want to be dyslexic reading that bit, … :smile:


First of all, sorry I can’t quote using my phone - probably technologically inept. Trying too influence the game rather than police it is an interesting concept. At first I agree - police the game by following the rules. But then again your umpiring decisions, regardless of intent do influence the game. If you are consistent in your adjudication the players will/ should adapt to your decisions. I agree, I am against an umpire warning a player about doing something. It is either right or wrong and should be adjudicated.
I have mentioned this before, but with three umpires it is almost impossible to get consistency given the greyness of our rules. I don’t know what the answer is. One umpire couldn’t keep up but at least you could perhaps read him/her.
Keep modifying the rules and we continually play catch up. I sometimes wonder if anyone has ever reviewed a game and worked out how many free kicks there would be if they paid everything
Anyway I am rambling - enough


I’m more inclined to cop the bad decisions if they admit they were errors. Umpires make mistakes the same as the players but don’t take us all for fools and pretend you achieved Fkg nirvana by claiming the correct decisions were made. What complete & utter horse shitt. Watch these protected species Fkg ream us again on Sunday. Fkg Dangerfield, Ablett and Selwood will get more frees between them than our whole team on Sunday.


I’m really curious about this weekends game…call too many frees against us and it continues to give the look of bias against us and in another marquee game it isn’t a good look and gives people more to talk about. Call too many for us and it looks like they are making up for ANZAC Day with which Geelong people and fans will call out.


I just hope the umpires are really ■■■■ again and keep the media discussion going.


Don’t worry - they will revert to the time-honoured tactic of evening up the stats by giving us meaningless frees in the backline late in quarter 4.



There’s even a best player presentation for this game.

Imagine it’s Ablett getting booed out of the arena. :rofl:


Despite being the clearest margin, now on earth could 600 people think that wasn’t a free kick??!!!


That actually would have been helpful last Thursday.


Tin foil hat on
How many employees at AFL House? :wink:


The same people who think the EFC 34 investigation wasn’t corrupt?


Geelong dont have many fans


Let’s see if the Anzac Day maggots get the chop in the round after this week.

Interesting this has come out now


Why would you want that?


Understand why, but that’s a dumb system. So the AFL are ok with underperforming umpires officiating their games and wonder why umpiring has problems.

Clarkson’s call for full time umpires makes sense.


Or perhaps it’s us as fans that are looking for something that isn’t there?

We have our bad days with the umpires, but so does everyone.




Yep. Atrocious non-call.