2 Andrew Stephens 16 Brendan Hosking 25 Shaun Ryan and making sense of their destruction


And they don’t have to wait around at chemist warehouse


plus a season retainer of up to ~$100k.


He identifies as a Pies supporter and begins the rant at about 9.15, concludes his review of the game saying that it might not really be a thriller because of the bad umpiring. Shaun Ryan, do we have a problem here?




A lifetime of watching AFL for me yet there are many moments during matches these days where the whistle blows and I have no idea why. I can only imagine the confusion for international viewers.


Not as an on field umpire.

They get rostered as on field umpires and may get another game as the emergency umpire.


The constant changing of rules an interpretations doesn’t help.

I think they should just leave tighten up the rules so there’s no grey areas and then stop messing with it.




Really? Please tell me the last day Collingwood has as bad a treatment from the maggots as they dished out to us last week. Or the last day Hawthorn had as bad a treatment as has been dished out to us for any game against them in the last 40 years.

I am sick of these Vichy statements made without any consideration for the weight of historical evidence.


Yep - but the tipping point will be that the AFL reigns in the commentators again so they make anodyne comments like “I missed that” or “The umpire must have had a better angle there” or “Essendon Player X was a bit unlucky there” or “Hawthorn/Collingwood/WCE/Sydney/FCFC Player Y was a bit lucky there” etc etc.


Hawthorn got screwed against the Bulldogs earlier this year. Would have won without some inexplicable umpiring decisions gifting goals to the bulldogs.


Mysterious are the ways of the maggots.

But I was asking about when was the last time, if ever, any of those sides had been stitched up playing against us, Essendon. Sorry if that was not clear.


Essential fatty acids ?


Brace yourselves… there’s a whole lot of my countrymen who’ve all become Collingwood supporters overnight. Call it the Mason Cox factor.

Yeah, it’s a farking nightmare.


I don’t know how to explain the rules to anybody… but then again, the umpiring these days kinda makes it impossible.


Me too @Albert_Thurgood : what about some new adjectives, Quisling, Lord Haw-Haw, Tokyo Rose? Vichy is getting to @percebushby Anglo-Saxon levels now.


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Thank you, this is superb.


May come as a shock but I actually think I read it somewhere.


I think it comes from a book about Essendon’s glorious, drought-breaking premiership year.