2 Andrew Stephens 16 Brendan Hosking 25 Shaun Ryan and making sense of their destruction


Thanks - that should satisfy the desire for new adjectives!


You may have also read it many years ago cited in posts by @theDJR or a certain other poster.


I’m more a fan of:

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.

It’s soooooo AFL.


Mick Molloy had another crack at the ANZAC Day umps on The Front Bar tonight :slight_smile:


The AFL version is more like:

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine someone like Gil taking money out of your pocket - forever”


After the Anzac Day game I felt I’d just been watching sound and smoke coming from the high powered rifle of the guy in cop uniform behind the picket fence, the head going back and to the left; hearing Vicki Elizabeth Adams say she ran down the back stairs and saw nobody; seeing Dr Charles A Crenshaw describing an exit wound at the back of the head, watching the car being washed and the windscreen fixed and then the 8mm replay of the assassination and afterwards being told via the ump on the radio its ‘case closed’ … no conspiracy here…




Never go full retard


What did he say?


They thought he was a lone nut. But he said “I’m a pastry.”


now that’s very good


There was a video of a camel grabbing a man by his head with its mouth and throwing him in the air. Mick said “id like to wager, that the umpires would have called that play-on on ANZAC Day”


Majority were black & white not grey.

No pun intended.


Is that barret? Wasn’t he 100% behind the umpires?


If, ifs and buts were candy and nuts, …

…then, Barret would still be a cocksmack.


indeed - they would not have been contentious and therefore they would not have been asked to “please explain”


Even if it was true that they were all ‘grey’ (which they weren’t)… Then why did all the contentious free kicks go against Essendon. This is a real problem… How easy is it for the ump to influence the outcome of a game and then be able to justify it.


Not letting that one go are you?


Very easy

If they all have an understanding of what AFL’s preferred outcome is for the game/season. Let free kicks go for some teams and pay them for others.

Seems the umpiring fraternity have an “understanding” in regards to Collingwood since they were number1 for free kick differential in 2018

And number 2 for 2019 season already

** Insert Eddie kissing Gil on head pic


… and/or someone who has a shitload of money riding on the outcome of a game?