2 Andrew Stephens 16 Brendan Hosking 25 Shaun Ryan and making sense of their destruction


Technically he was against the booing on Anzac day. The fact that he now posts this after that article just proves that he’s a fark knuckle.


Who needed proof?


Why does everyone keep posting fuckwittery from this idiot?


I like him.
Every thing about him makes me feel better about myself.


“Ids that Barret? Wasn’t he 100% behind the umpires.” Sniffing their backsides no doubt.


Very disappointed that all three umpired AFL matches this weekend. Obviously no accountability required.


Gil and his cronies are not going to punish them for following instructions.


It was reported that they’re always given a gig the following week to allow them to prove they’re up to scratch. Essentially they have to cook it two weeks in a row before any action


We’re through the looking glass here, people.


It’s also to do with logistical issues surrounding them being casual/part-time employees. Basically, they need 2 weeks notice so they can arrange their travel arrangements and organise their non-AFL work commitments, another reason why they should be full time “professionals”.


Looks like I better put the tin foil back on.

Seriously, would this happen to anyone else?


Holding the ball is back…when Ess have the ball. That late one on Myers was unbelievable…he literally just got the ball…
Heeney…gets tackled…pops out…punches it. Play on. Goal.


It’s a great visualisation of the AFL ■■■■■■■ Essendon yet again. Clubs can literally mount the goal post and not get penalised against us.


I wonder if our captain had demanded a free kick instead of laughing whether it would have changed the decision? But yeah only Essendon would get dudded by the maggots in this way.


I reckon there were about 5 HtB decisions consistent with the ANZAC day “interpretation” and about 5 HtB decisions that were completely at odds with the ANZAC day “interpretation”.

No prizes for guessing who got the wrong end of the majority of those.

What ■■■■■ me most is the complete lack of accountability. Not one person in the media will go back to what Ryan said and compare it to subsequent decisions. They can literally do whatever the ■■■■ they want and expect the League to publicly support ALL of their decisions whether they are correct or not.


Ridiculous non-decision, all the Essendon players around knew that it was a free kick, the umpire saw him do it, and it was as Myers was taking his kick.

Would it have been a ‘bad’ way to win 4 points? yes, absolutely. But 4 points is 4 points; and within the rules of the game we should have been taking a kick from point blank to win the game.

Edit - It was only last week when a player was penalised 50m for throwing grass at a player taking a set shot.


He’s up there wondering, when the hell is the ball gonna’ come down here. Let me have a kick.
Ah yes, there they are, up at our forward fifty again, you little beauty.


Did he punch it though? A couple of Heeney’s handpasses were 1 handed l believe.

One thing they did get right, was disallowing the goal on the siren. There was a whisker in it, but at least they got that decision correct.


I went along to the Collingwood v Carlton today at the MCG as a guest of an MCC member.

It was easily one of the most blatantly biased umpiring displays you could ever see - Collingwood’s way of course.

Carlton were the better team all day for all bar the last 10 minutes - if not for the umpiring, they would have seriously been 5+ goals in front at that point, not just 2.

The final free kick count was 24-8 Collingwood’s way.

The Pies led the free kick count 9-2 at quarter time. So they received more free kicks in Q1 alone than Carlton would receive the entire match.

A complete and utter disgrace and it impacted the final result.


Thank you baker, finally something to smile about :joy:

Fark Carlton