2 Tiks for Sale v Dees $30 total

Due to illness of a family member, I have 2 tickets for sale for tonight’s game.

P28 (level just below the top deck)
Near the 50m line.
Row F
Nice aerial view, but not too high.

$30 total for both tickets.

Don’t miss your chance to see Joey, Hooksey, the cream of our 2014 Draft class, and our top players in raging form.

Book in the next hour for free email delivery.
THAT’S RIGHT, free email delivery.
Will also throw in a ‘Like’ !

Confirm in here first before PM’ing me.
Cheers :+1:

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hey mate,

i need some tickets. pm me

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Tickets SOLD.

Thanks Blitz !

I hope you had the decency to throw in some meth.

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You’ll need to pay me more than $30…


Are Joey, Hooksey going to be in near by seats or something?

They ain’t playing that’s for sure.

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Thanks for the tickets @bltn nice and close to the Bunton bar in case i need to drown my sorrows :smiley:

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