2 tix v Blues tonite

Have 2 tix undercover level 1 for today, if anyone wants
Not sure if you need a Ticketmaster account, so I can forward
PS Will cost you a beer each

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Cost a beer?

You’re sitting next to bboy and buying him 2 beers

Inboxed you mate.

Tempting offer! I’m sure they will get snapped quickly up as more blitzers come online.

Just curious - are tickets hard to come by - is it a sellout? I’m trying to get 4 tix for the Saints game next week and i can only see general admin tickets available. Am I doing it wrong or will I be able to book seats next week?

Didn’t get around to buying a membership this year but wouldn’t have thought Saints v Bombers would go close to selling out with us playing so poorly.

Sainters in their thousands coming to dance on our carcass.

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Patrick bombers will take them


You’d have to buy me beers to accept those tickets. 2 beers wouldn’t get it done either!

I want them even less than clone Hirdy

genuinely thought this thread was going to be the “smashed the window and left two more” gag


Celebratory lappys at the establishments with Patrick Bombers and Nino if we get the win