#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž - went bang, exploded

Currently the best he’s ever been. Crucially important to any chances in the next year or two

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Back hand taps til the early mornin

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On fire

I felt movement.

Fantastic game.

He must be carrying a fair injury. He was getting around like he just stumbled out of Chasers. Smart play when he was around it with dominant body work.

Paddy Ryder who??

He’s going great but we need to give him a week off somewhere along the line. St Kilda ideally


He’s giving the midfield silver service. Some of his hits were sublime. Hes also working hard as the bailout option down the line when we have nothing to kick to. Minimum he is creating a good contest and giving us something to work off there, but he’s also taking some nice grabs too. Love it when he gets fired up.

Seriously where are those nuffies that thought Luey should be our no.1 Ruck at the start of the season.

Genuine nuffery.

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Some of his taps tonight to our mids was pure caviar

Loved seeing him get in that ladyboy Jones face after he hit Langford


reaching β€œjust showing off” levels of tapwork

amazing how he is rucking most games just by himself, credit to his fitness

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His tap work is some of the best I have seen…has made our midfield better

Loved when he went over to remonstrate with Jones!


Having his best season. Been very consistent. Only thing is his kicking for goal. He used to be a dead eye set shot. Might bear fatigue because before he was more a forward and part time ruck. Still having a great season.


Cant take any game lightly. Need to manage his workload for the next 4 weeks

He looked injured at the start of the third, looked like he was dragging his right leg, really bad limp. Maybe just picked up something early in the 3rd, didn’t notice it much in the 4th

He is showing maturity now in the consistency of his footy. I didn’t think he had it in him. I knew his good was very good but I just thought he would be a good player cruising along to be honest. He is on the Agro pills and playing with grit and it is a joy to watch.

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Good idea. Thought he was really hurting last night but still delivered.

Some poor homeless person has had his/her mattress stolen.