#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž - went bang, exploded

He looks like he is carrying something.

They should manage him but giving him a break next week ready for Grundy.

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My advice to Tom is to fight like hell to keep your spot in the side. If you let it go, you might never get it back.

The kid is ready.

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Has to make way for Draper.

Belly is have no impact at all.

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Good grief, someone drop him for mercys sake. Draper is smashing down the doors for selection and Bellchambers is on last rites.


He’s cooked

The bell has tolled.

Edit : I actually think he is slowly working his way into the season.

Spring or summer???

Charged with striking but only a fine

wait… striking who?

Edit : Zorko apparently.

I’m backing TBELL to turn it around. Obviously in the twilight of his career but had a career best season last year so should have plenty to offer

Has for the most part looked great so far, clunking some good marks and doing a fair bit more around the ground. Relieved and happy he’s turned his form around, hoping for a bit 2nd half too!

playing much better today
just needs to look before he handballs

Leg must be sore. Handballing wherever possible and in many cases whenever not possible.


Easily his best game for the year, but that isn’t saying a lot. First half was terrific before fading a bit in the second half. Was a lot better around the ground and took a few great marks, maybe a little bit too unselfish around the goal square…


Was terrific today.

Yep, at half time I would have just about given him votes.

Great game. Credit where credit’s due.

He seems to actually relish being the only ruckman and having sole responsibility. He can’t afford to be lazy in those circumstances.

Massive game next week against Grundy. I’d keep Clarke out and back him in.


Anyone that handballs to him should be dropped!

Tommmy from Lonnnnyyyy!, good to see him clunk some good marks, very serviceable today!

Got involved in some chat as well with the North boys. When he gets in the face of the opposition, doesn’t take any β– β– β– β–  he plays better and teammates walk taller.


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