#2 Tom Bellchambers 🛎


If we’re talking history, I’m going to gloat a bit. :innocent:


And the 1 was from about 10m out last week


He’s proved me wrong (Not that it would have been keeping him up all night)


He’s attacking the ball harder than he has his whole career and I’ve never seen him consistently tap the ball down our midfields throats like he has been. He’s always been a good contested mark, and now he’s combining everything. It’s great to see a guy in career best form because he’s been fcking dominating the last month. I’m sorry for Luey but he’s not in the same league as Belly when he’s on song.


Oh but that one was bad! Haha


Yep, went pst Leuy for effectiveness, weeks ago.


Onya Tommy.

Didn’t let me down.,


Has been very good, having Leuey as competition has given him a rocket. I am sure Woosha has made it clear that they can only play one genuine ruck, and it has brought out the best in Belly. He makes us a much better team when on song.


He was in the rooms after the game last night so I assume so.


i reckon he’ll finish top 5 in our B&F this year…
He’s having a ripper year to date…


Not a chance. He’s only played half the games so far for starters. If he maintains this form for the rest of the season maybe an outside chance for top 10


Do you have all your gems from the past classified by player, category or smugness ?


I have them searchable by thread.


if he plays the next 1-2 months like he has the past 2 weeks- maybe (would be amazing!). otherwise - no way. short memory it seems here - he was deplorable a few weeks ago when it mattered.
If he can keep up what he’s doing now - it goes a long way to reaching somewhere this year - the tandem with JD, the extra tall timber and pressure when he’s forward (how do you line up when there are 3/4 6"5/6"6 players?)


Best ruckman we have had since JAMAR.


Over the last 4-6 weeks TBell has been playing 84 to 86% time on ground. I will agree he was bad in the last quarter against Brisbane, as were the other mids.

One way to reduce his loading and mix things up, would be to send him to the goal square and bring Joe into the ruck for a bit more of the 85%, lets say we drop his ruck time to 80%. OK, he is not a highly mobile forward, but he is a good contested / pack mark and Joey can play really well on the ball.

The other way would be to cut back on his training loads just a little and do whatever they can to improve his recovery, so he is as fresh as possible at the end of games.


Exactly what I was gonna say

He’s gone past luey by a mile


Form ruckman in the league at the moment. Only bloke to get a hold of Ryder.


Beat grundy.


I’m not going to go overboard on T Bell just yet. Has been good since his inclusion and is living up to the potential he showed in the past. His taps to advantage over the last two weeks have been good and our mids have lifted in response. His last quarter against Brisbane was woeful but you could rightly say he had plenty of mates.

Prior to this year I would have thought that Looney’s edge over TBell was that he was more mobile. But in the end TBell has shown himself to be stronger AND more mobile. The icing on the cake is that TBell is a better mark and is dangerous close to goal.

If TBell can keep this up for the next 6 weeks we could see our midfield ranking improve dramatically.