#2 Tom Bellchambers



I'm sure there's people at the club who are paid over 150k a year to know this stuff.

I'd be putting my faith in them.


I like seeing him throw his weight around out there. He has a bit of Steve Alessio about him, big man but he is a bit too nice. He is 200cm+ and over 100kgs, the way he played v St.Kilda is the template he should look at. Aggressive at ground level, strong in the air, clunk some marks, kick goals and also give the mids first use from the ruck. With Leuey breathing down his neck he can't afford to rest on his laurels. That can only be a good thing...


You know as soon as I wrote it I realised he hasn't played a whole year and it was a little blinked those comments..


& Mumford


plus super, ****s


Tbell going great considering he missed a lot of footy


He is actually a key ingredient to the team we've been missing since Ryder. That is a good ruckman who can rest forward, take a contested mark and kick a goal.
I thought he was finished and glad to be wrong. He's actually back to form well before all of the drugs bullshit started. Also he just looks arrogant and would be a scary prospect.


This is the best he's ever been. I alway thought of him as a better forward/ruck than pure ruck but how wrong I was. He's a complete ruck and he's now impacting clearances himself.

He's more in the Mummy/Goldstein mould than Naitanui/Ryder and that is fine.

He is a beast right now and we are reaping the rewards of it.

Looney wouldn't have monstered Hickey the way Belly did.


Agree, but they might have got it wrong in the case of the brisbane game.


I reckon he was spoken to about his effort after the Tap. His second efforts, tackling and general hardness at the ball/man has drastically improved. This is something that he lacked when he was fit too. He's seriously impressed me since he's had a good run at it. On CURRENT form, he'd be in the top couple of ruckman in the game. His tap work has been sublime at times too, really seems to be timing his leaps well


He didn't ever look like doing this but (and it goes for P Ryder too) remember that old adage that big blokes take time

Both of them if you drew a line at about their 26th birthdays, they're almost totally unrecognisable.


I'm trying my hardest to work out what this means and all I can come up with is yes, he's white.


Haha just realised how that sounded. I meant in the style of rucking where he is more of a bulky tap ruckman that uses his brute strength in the contest as opposed to the other two that are fast, high jumping tappers.


Spot on WOB..


To give him his due, he’s generally been better than I expected, but…
His gap between his best and worst is way too big.
Today he was owned by Kruezer. Owned…


That 6 weeks of not being a spud was nice while it lasted




Back to the belly of old. He’s been garbage for a few weeks now. Gets 1 more for mine, and then if the same - luey


Better than Luey but useless


2 shockers in a row. Absolutely no presence out there whatsoever. Amazed that a bloke his size and build doesn’t steamroll carnts instead of avoiding physical contact. Really should of been thrown up forward for awhile today to try and get him involved