#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


Love his scud haircut


He’s almost gone past Tristan Cartledge too


he is absolutely vital to our chances this year.


Coming up against the man mountain Sandilands this week which IMO is still the most daunting ruckman task in the AFL. Sandilands is coming off a 52hitout, 16 touch, 1 goal game too. Big week ahead for TBC.

Edit - just noticed Sandilands stats are probably inflated because it was against a Ryder-less Port.


Ryder went off in the third


True. Still inflated the stats.


No coincidence that our best wins are usually with BELLY at his best. If he’s lazy moping around we usually get beaten, when he’s up and about we usually can beat anyone.


Tom to speak on SEN at 8:05am


Nothing to take away from the interview.

Q. Where is Essendon at now?
Good question. We are a young team. Freo average age > than Essendon

Essendon still have a lot to work on.

Did not respond as they expected

Expects Fremantle to win lots of games at home.

They have the reviewed game – need to improve defensive play

Q. Is he a physical ruckman?
Tom likes to play physically as a ruckman. To lead midfield by his physicality.

With Ess having 3 talls there is less time to play as a forward. Not getting much time as a forward through rotations. More like 95% ruck, 5% bench.

Q. Stringer and playing against Western Bulldogs?
Spoke to Jake and he had not thought about it too much. Will be wound up by game time.
Jake is an interesting character. Has been good at the club. Club is working out how best to utilise Jake.

IT’S ONLY TWO WEEKS into the season.

Q. Jake’s tattoo?
It’s a terrible tatt.


Tommy was one of our best players against Fremantle, not sure if that’s because he was good or so many of our other players were bad.

The Freo mids did not get an armchair ride from Sandilands. We were only -2 for clearances, because TBell did compete strongly with the big guy in a physical sense, limiting Sandilands taps to advantage .

One worry is that we won centre clearances well, but were well beaten at stoppages. I am assuming this was mainly at boundary throw ins. This was our main problem last year, and somehow, we don’t seem to have improved in this area.

So far this year we are 6th for centre clearances, and 18th ( last in the AFL) at stoppages. This is very worrying because this should have been worked on over the pre-season.


Had a really really good start to the season. Keep it up


Reckon he beat Jacobs and completely blanketed Sandilands whilst kicking 2 goals on him. Great start to his year.


The advent of AFL Stats pro has enabled us to settle a long time argument.

Who is a better TAP ruckman, TBell, Ryder or Berger.

Career Hitouts to advantage percent:

TBELL 28.3
Ryder 25.9
Berger 22.5

So far this season, against top ruckmen, Sandilands and Jacobs, TBell is running at 40.3% taps to advantage.
He is also kicking goals and leads the AFL at the moment, among pure ruckmen

Now the bad news. The number of hitouts he wins is a bit average.


Probably was worked on, doesn’t mean it is going to work well at the start of the year. You would hope it would but clearly there are still some way to go there. On a positive, we can only improve in this are because we are last atm.




Beaten by a second year ruckman who’s played a handful of games.

In the second qtr English out marked him from a kick out. Then English worked hard to get to CHF while TBell jogged 20 meters behind. English got involved and took the mark and peeled off a 30 meter pass that ended in a goal.

Outworked, outplayed.


I’d like to have English


Leuenberger beats him for workrate.

That’s saying something.


When he is good he is pretty good, when he’s bad he’s β– β– β– β– β– β– β–  shithouse


Sets himself for big challenges, thinks it’ll just happen for the easier games. Couldn’t be more Essendon, really.