#2 Tom Bellchambers 🛎


Back to his tin man impersonation today. Didn’t work nearly hard enough, got beaten by a kid


Tommy easily won the ruck today. He hit it down the throat of Zerrett and Heppell many times and they fumbled or were swarmed by Dogs.

English played well around the ground, but overall TBC beat him. Let’s face it, TBC is the only viable option we have.


Work rate is very poor
Being out marked by a 30kg kid in his second year of football doesnt help either


As BF indicated TBell won 10 extra hitouts to advantage, but like many others lacked work rate around the ground. Not a bad game, but should have been better like many in the side.


I think most of us love Belly.

But honestly, he is indicative of what Essendon is currently. Unfortunately for Ruckman, we can compare them stat for stat with the opposition Ruckman… and say win or loss. We can’t do that with any other player on the ground. It’s subjective.

But as I was saying he is indicative of our club. Steps it up against the best, then gets lazy against the inferior opposition Ruckman.

He needs to make a decision about what he wants to achieve as a player. 2 years ago, Max Gawn spent a whole preseason telling everyone that he is going to be All Australian. He told the media, he told team mates, he told opposition players. He put pressure on himself to perform every week. He stopped saying it and started believing he was an All Australian Ruckman.

It’s time for Belly to challenge himself to be the best in the land.


I kinda agree with this, but so many times ni the last couple years, people here have banged on about how we won the ruck, but the other team poleaxed us in clearances. to me thats not winning ■■■■.


Sunday was a day when he should’ve looked his opponent up and down and decided to bully him. Outmuscle him, push him around, be a ■■■■, because really what else did the Dogs have in the way of ruck options? They were running The Bont through there as back-up. OK he might’ve won the hitouts, but he got pantsed by a preying mantis with a curly blonde wig on. Pretty much mirrored the team, was far too soft. He again has an opportunity this weekend against Port without Ryder. Time to get the angry pills on Tommy and play like you did against Adelaide, where I thought he was close to BOG in the 1st half, was physical around the ground and palmed the ball intelligently at ruck contests…


No more Mr Nice Guy.


I reckon Looey would have made Sunday very unpleasant for English.


This sums it up. Bellchambers is probably the epitome of an essendon footballer. Talented but always lets you down never seems to learn from past mistakes.


Got beaten by tim farkingg English. FMD

It’s typical belly. The poor is not even vfl standard, the best is AA


TBell was clearly superior in the ruck contest. The kid played to his strengths around the ground, and he ran TBell ragged.


Needs to have a big game tomorrow, does Tommy. Coming up against a side with no recognised ruckman


Dopey player.

I’d play JD more in the ruck so he can impact the game more so and plonk Tbell one out in the square


Show some aggression FFS. He should of been putting his knees into English from the opening bounce. Needs to get physical with Dixon and Westhoff tomorrow


No he isn’t smart enough without giving away the free


I agree with your thoughts


If you watch the replay, check out how TBell spins around dishing fast handballs out , very often to the best option.
He did it maybe 4 times in the Port game . This part of his game is especially slick.


belly’s getting better, getting his confidence up


This bloke.
Unbelievably important Wednesday.

If Grundy domintes and gives Pies 1st use, we are every chance to lose.