#2 Tom Bellchambers ๐Ÿ›Ž


Got my BIG GAME BELLY ready and raring to go.

By christ Iโ€™ve put a few kegs on during the Summer drink a thon โ€ฆ :smirk:


He needs to insert himself at the contest more.

Is he carrying an injury of any sort?


Yes, you have.
Then again - I canโ€™t really talk.


His confidence is up looks like heโ€™s feeling into his body playing consistent footy again. Also if he starts to lag weโ€™ll get to see Stewart in a midfield set up, which I really want. Does not get tackled, tackles do not get broken.



So itโ€™s clear as day that Luey is done as an AFL footballer, and I seriously question whether Bellchambers is the ruckman we should be moving forward with.

Come seasons end I think we need to put Belly up for trade while he has value and start putting games into Draper.


The club is trying to make Draper a CHF


Weird, I thought he played well against Grundy. I think he is clearly the clubs best ruck.


Thereโ€™s so many dominant ruckman this season

Iโ€™m struggling to think of 1 starting ruckman that Bellchambers is better than. Heโ€™s just not up to it.


Well thats [email protected] STUPID. We have Walla for that position!


Yes, he also got thrashed by Tim English.


We are not trading our only reasonably formed, seasoned ruckman to play a greenhorn. Draperโ€™s time will come but that it not now.

More the point, did you see how Luey played today!? Why shorten our stocks even more?


In a game when the whole team looked sub par why pick out one performance?

I stand by my statement.


What do you think weโ€™ll get back in trade for a ruckman not good enough to go forward with?


From what I understand the forward play is more about adding strings to his bow.

Whether that is by choice or whether itโ€™ a consequence of Luey playing VFL ruck would be interesting, but when Belly was in the VFL the roles were reversed and he was the FF, Draper the ruck.


No itโ€™s not. Itโ€™s trying to make him able to go forward when resting from the ruck. Like TBell can, and Loony canโ€™t. Itโ€™s called adding more strings to his bow. That said I think he should be the number one VFL ruck, with Loony backing him up, rather the other way round like it is currently.


or something


At the very least 50/50


I think the club line is adding strings to Drapers bow but I personally believe itโ€™s because Luey canโ€™t play anywhere else.

Draper was excellent last year for a first year ruck and he should be accelerated not slowed down.

I think itโ€™s a poor decision from the club.


So do I, but saying they are trying to make into a CHF is just not right.


I know what they are doing but I donโ€™t think itโ€™s helping.

As a second year ruck with promise he should be rucking. I wonder what it would be doing to his confidence.