#2 Tom Bellchambers ๐Ÿ›Ž


His confidence is fine. in fact it is so fine that he believes he will be good enough for some AFL game time this year if needs be.


My argument isnโ€™t about his ability (despite the tim english jibe) but a player with reasonable trade value.

Has he reached his ceiling? If so, is he the guy we can rely on to take us forward? I reckon there are sides that would like him on their roster. Dogs, Freo. For us, Iโ€™d rather look at a youngster and perhaps moneyball another clubs 2nd or 3rd string ruck.

Clearly weโ€™ll be finishing down the ladder this season, with a impressive draft on the horizon I would suggest we try improve our draft options.


Why would you try to make him a CHF by playing him at FF and FP?


Never much love for Tommy but he is doing well this season and acquitted himself really well against a ruckman who is probably in the top 5 in the competition. He matched McEvoy in the ruck and played better around the ground. Unfortunately we lost the game, and itโ€™s hard to be upbeat about anything or anyone right now.


Maybe itโ€™s just me but I reckon he falls away badly in the second half every single week.


Well he is only bloke doing all the work. I can see why he gets tired.


Was OK all game against Hawthorn,. Fell away in the last in the Collingwood Bulldogs and Carlton games .
There are some very fit ruckman in the comp who can run out games better than TBell. Last quarters are the problem.

Had best in his career hitouts on Saturday, 55. ( a 24 differential ) But we lost the clearances. Go figure


I would agree with that, especially against the best runners. He hasnโ€™t been bad this year he is just a bit of a throw back to a different era just doesnโ€™t have the running power or the agility to go with the good modern day followers.


Problem solved if you move Daniher or McKernan (whoever is playing fit) into the ruck to give him relief and move him up forward. He is a real threat up there and would have to command attention from the opposition. Plus, he can kick straight.


He was a pretty good forward and a difficult match up for opposition but I think him spending chunks of time in our forwardline exasporates our problem not fixes them.


Should have an easier job on Stanley this week, and getting more hit outs to advantage is a key for us in the midfield battle.


wasnโ€™t stanley dropped last week for โ€˜percentage boosterโ€™ smith?


Neither Stanley nor Smith are top ruckmen. TBell is arguably playing better than either of them.


True, but that hasnโ€™t stopped him from stinking it up against lesser ruckmen before


Opinion is OK and valid as opinion goes. After crunching the numbers, FWIW Champion Data are rating TBell as in the top 4 ruckmen this season ( 14.4 average rating points). If he was fit enough to run out games it would be much better for us.



Ice on his calf walking off?


Played a fantastic game, absolutel Fantastic


Has been terrific in two of our wins, Crows & GWS. Was putrid in a few of our losses too, Bulldogs where he was rag dolled by a 19 year old beanpole & Carlton when Kruezer killed him. Needs to find the level because his best is very good.


Thatโ€™s bullshiit.
He wasnโ€™t โ€˜rag dolledโ€™โ€ฆhe won the ruck contests. Where he lost out, is running all over the ground. English is a terrific running athlete, and TBell canโ€™t keep up with that.
If youโ€™re going to make snide remarks about players, you should get your slurs accurate.


His ruck work was outstanding tonight.