#2 Tom Bellchambers ๐Ÿ›Ž


Have a look at the game. Was pushed aside by English so many times. You might wanna look where your slurs are directed.


The best itโ€™s ever been.

The best pure ruck game of his career, bar none.

Was incredible.


He was brushed aside several times by English. His ruckwork tonight was fantastic but he is still too timid for my liking. A bloke his size should be scaring the bejeezus out of opponents. Would love to see him plant those big knees into opponents kidneys


Termus โ€˜Barometerโ€™ Beachcomber


You have to be timid these days because you never know what BS free kick your going to give away by going too hard at the contest.
Weโ€™re a much better team when soft BS frees arenโ€™t paid because we rely on our intensity to win us games more than our skills.


His ruckwork was outstanding tonight. We had some clean centre clearances and most of that was down to Belly getting the ball to advantage. Iโ€™d say heโ€™s tracking for his best season. 2013 was different because he played more forward, but as the #1 ruck heโ€™s been very good.


Yeah nah, in the words of someone famous.
Of course youโ€™re entitled to your view.
My view is that your perception of โ€˜rag dolledโ€™ is bullshiit.


First time Iโ€™ve seen him get angry during a game tonight actually. Worth the mention. He kinda looks scary, angry.


Yep. Beautiful tap work, a great kick to Stew (resulting in a goal via the 50m penalty), and some push and shove at half time. What more could you want?


Sensational tonight, has been very good so far this year.


was much bigger than his opponent and used it well, could still be throwing his weight around more, big lump of a man


45 HOโ€™s

3 Disposals.


โ€œJust a knock.โ€


Needs to throw his weight around more. Should have a huge physical presence. I think he plays too โ€œniceโ€ and would love to see him with more agro. Case in point was the first goal of the second half to them where he could of absolutely fairly killed the GWS player yet let him mark it uncontested. His ruckwork tonight was probably the best Iโ€™ve seen from him though


Has a big job against Nankervis


Great game from Belly.
Iโ€™d also like to give votes to the big Russian for his development of our rucks.
Bellyโ€™s work was so telling because he varied his taps so effectively, whilst syncing with the mids.

Weโ€™ve all seen games where a ruck like Sandilands gets around a 100 hit outs, but theyโ€™re all to similar spots, and the opposition mids often win the clearance count because itโ€™s so predictable.

Yesterday Bellyโ€™s taps, and Draperโ€™s in the Twos, were a mix of straight down, over the shoulder, and good old fashioned thumps forward.
Impossible for the opposition to consistently set up against.

Again, well played young fella.




TBell, 45 hitouts, (19 t/a 78% ) game time narrowly beat Lobb (15 t/a 85% game time) in the ruck overall. However, it was dominance at centre bounces and particularly in the last quarter that made his performance a match winner. As a result our centre bounce clearances were more numerous and of high quality.

Lobb seemed to tire in the last, but TBell had banked more recovery time on the bench, when SMack gave him a chop-out. If SMack did nothing much else, he helped TBell to keep going when the game was up for grabs.




even more impressive effort considering he hurt his calf in the first quarter according to Skipworth match report