#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


Potential AA


Was absolutely fantastic again last night.

Basically had his right peg wrapped up like the michelin man but still dominated.

I did notice though that he did have extended periods on the bench and that is when Stringer went into the ruck.

Hopefully he gets a bit of a chop out somewhere before the end of the season because we need him at his peak if we make finals.


I want to see him get in the face of anyone that matches up Merrett in the same manner he did to Jones last night.


Guy looks like he needs a rest. Hope he gets up for next week. The hawks will be without McEvoy, off a shorter break


Hitouts about the same but 14 hitouts to advantage compared with 4.

In the leadup someone on the radio said we currently have the 2nd best clearance performance in the AFL. TBell is a big part of that.


If his name was Max the media would be fawning over his tap work.


surprised the media don’t love tommy more, very easy to listen to.



Or Brodie, or Stefan, or Paddy, or NicNat, or β€œBig Sauce”


Been epic and going to have to keep it up without much support it seems.

Stringer pinch hitting is all it might be for a while until JD back.


Funnily enough its getting Stringer into the action as an extra big body mid, not necessarily a bad thing.


Bomb deathchambers


He was already doing so when we had Smack, Brown & Stringer as our 3 prong fwd line.

But yes agreed


I appreciate the fact that every time one of our players gets cleaned up, Beachcomber without fail remonstrates with the offender.


Maybe he should teach his team mates that really important skill.


He’s going to absolutely ding dong someone soon.

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Being two metres tall and hundred kilos?


2 metre Tommy!!

2MT! :smirk:


Will easily be top 5 in the BnF. Best season of his career. His consistency has been fantastic


Playing sore too


He was really labouring last night. Was spent by late in the 3rd.