#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


Looked like he didn’t want to kick. Gave of HB at every opportunity, except when had a shot directly in front: and even then…


Standing up for his team mates.


He is going to be so managed this week at training.
I hope he is OK for the Friday game.


l heard that Nankervis is out. Hopefully someone can confirm, one way or another.


thought they were just resting him this week v the suns


I reckon he’s shown pretty good composure in those situations, he’s made his point as the tough guy without giving away frees or copping suspensions.
Seems to have full comprehension of how important he is to the team and doesnt take it too far.


We’re starting to build that cheeky thuggish-ness that’s vital for success and Tommy along with Dev and Stringer need to continue to set the tone in that regard.


He is sore and it’s been pretty apparent for months. Another reason why Mckernan is important to our structure in 2019.


Was well beaten on Friday night, hopefully gets some support.


As much as I thought he was down in the ruck, his efforts around the ground, particularly in terms of defensive pressure, were really good

Working his proverbial off this year


Been a great year hope he can finish off well.


Put Nankervis in his place. Ran the game out very well.
Going to finish top 5 in the Crichton. I would put him at 4 behind Hepp, Dev and Zerret.


Dont agree at all
Put in all night
His marking was great when ee had many passengers when it counted
I had him in our best 4 tonight


Everyone face Launceston and pray


Think Crazy was talking about the week prior, where he was down a bit against the saints. He did will tonight against the tigers.


Key moment in the 3rd where he had a clear run and jump at a long inside 50. Gets illegally held in his run, no free, Richmond take it straight up for a goal on the rebound.


Has been enourmous this year. No reason why he can’t emulate that form again and will be much better across the year with a Daniher/Mckernan giving him some longer spells.

as an aside remember when Hird used to player Ryder, Hille and TBell…footy has chanced a bit since 2012.


Massive all season, looks to be constantly running on empty.


Some pure taps got sharked. Was it his mistake or the midfielders?


Just very good work/good luck from Richmond mids.