#2 Tom Bellchambers ๐Ÿ›Ž


Doesnโ€™t look promising for this week.


Yep heard he was in a sling with his shoulder crook. Damn!


Leuenberger farewell game?

or Draper debut?


His taste in pants has improved out of sight though. Small wins I guess.




To be fair, I imagine at his height it can be quite hard to find a pair that fits


But they not only look short, I suspect they are those dropped โ– โ– โ– โ–  things that make you look like youโ€™re are wearing a nappy!


Well, when youโ€™re mid-sesh at the pub the last thing you want to be doing is stumbling to and from the loo


Ah โ€ฆ so you think โ€˜nappy pantsโ€™ are really just forward planning.


Great year on the ground, but no hard tag all season. Delist.


I think that the next step is the NRL enforcing this to all players who go out on a sesh.

The amount of scandals prevented will be enormous.


If thereโ€™s one thing I trust Belly to prepare for, itโ€™s a drinking sesh


Youโ€™ll be there soon enough, Mr Reboot


Great season for the Big Fella. Ranked = #1 with Zac Merret for 2018 at Essendon.

Well. CD reckon he is OK, but a lot of Blitz folk will disagree now they heard where this came from.


Did I miss the reason there was no hard tag this year?

On a side note hard tag after the loss to fark carlton would have been interesting.


CD has always overrated ruckmen

What number is he on the list of ruckmen? I reckon heโ€™d be 6-8th.

If group them as:


Ryder (with a good Achilles)

Sandilands (if he plays on)


The rest

Probably missed a few

So heโ€™s really only mid table, had a bit of a purple patch in the middle of the season but if you think in terms of wins above replacement heโ€™s marginally better than the average ruckman in the comp.

Need him to take another step up next year and itโ€™s one of the areas on the list where need to be investing in youth.


We have few elite players, just a lot of above average players, and Tommy is one of those.

There are 55 recognised ruckmen, on AFL lists, about 40 have played AFL games so to be an elite ruckman a player has to be in the top 4. As of now, Tommy is above average, not elite

I would put Tommy at around #8 of the ruckmen playing as of now. He is set to consolidate himself ahead of several of the players like Goldy, Martin, Jacobs and Sandilands who are 3-4 years older than him and nearing the end.

If Tommy remains injury free, next year he might be in the top 5. Its hard to see Gawn Grundy and McEvoy dropping off, but Naitanui will be out for a year and after 2 knee recos, might never be the same again.

Witts will be the next really good ruckman in the comp.,


Did I miss the part when Mcevoy became good?


I think we must have.


Shouldered the Ruck so well he busted it.