#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


Might as well let Champion Data cast the votes the umps just rely on the stats 9 of 10 times


Yep and it’s hard to blame them as they are busy umpiring a game with ever increasing complex rules


Umps have CD Statz on frees for and against in real time.
And opinions from the crowd.

They bend with the wind


On field Umpires today get more decisions wrong than right.

Ducking umpires


The umpires should get a copy of the data on that day of the players results before making their choices based on memory. We all know we can make stats say what we want them to prove. I am not saying that’s what’s happening. I’m saying its possible.


or watch replay b4 voting…


And basing their votes on stats? β– β– β– β–  right off…not that it doesn’t seem like that already.


When did Tommy break his nose?


Well done for remaining composed in the interview today. Illicit drug use naming, Hird returning to club, contact with Hird the absolute low light gutter questions which were handled with a straight bat. Those journos need not attend another Essendon press conference.


Time to bring Draper in


Won every single tap and yet it was a mixture of hitting it straight down the throat of GWS players and the midfield totally not being assed to play football at all.


Make an example of him and bring in Draper


Taps are only part of it. he did nothing else but stand around all day. I would be shocked if his tracker shows he moved much at all other than to get to tap situations.


Laconic, lazy footballer with little hunger who contributes to setting the tone for the rest of the team.

Bring in the hungrier harder working Draper


Definitely had lead feet today but so did most of his teammates.



Why the fark are there maximum number of likes.


Someone likes his tap… dancing.


hit to the space behind
hit to the space behind
hit to the space behind
hit to the space behind


Beaten in the Ruck by Dawson Simpson. Ffs.


He wasn’t our worst player. Clearly underdone somewhat so should get better as we get further into the season. Coming off a career best year last year so have definite faith that he will now start to hit his straps after a couple of games under his belt. But yes could have done better yesterday