#2 Tom Bellchambers


Great game to day belly. He is really on the improve.


Might be forgetting a couple, but that was his best game in my memory since Port 2013.

He played with some intensity and desire and actually ran.


That's a terrible idea. You just know someone on the panic dollar market would do the sneaky, create a whole heap of alias's and tank the system.



If played as a pure forward he'd probably have given us more than Stewart the last two weeks.


Has a lot more talent than Leuenberger in my opinion.

Kicked 2 goals today and was great in the hitouts, when was the last time Leuenberger kicked 2 in a game?


He certainly stood up today.


In his top 3 games for the club


I'm so happy for him. Well done to work back to where he is at. I hope he continues on as he'll be a huge asset and when in form the Belly-Joey ruck duo would be a threat to everyone.


Played well today against Mummy.Got to give him another few games and hope he doesn't get injured again.


To take some positives out of tonight is to consider some of Belly's excellent tap-work and all round efforts. Made some stellar tackling efforts throughout the game which left me surprised when reading his final tackle count of just 3.

Heppell hasn't been fed that well since birth and owes Belly a beer (or an exotic cocktail).

Glad to see him hitting his strides before what will be a hugely important clash with Judas next week.




Bellcho took some good marks in defence


Mods should change thread title to #2 Tom Bellchambers - not over the Hille yet.




I don't really rate belly but I've been happy to see he has got back some of his aggression. That's what made him an exciting prospect early doors, a good effort today the luenberger competition seems to of been what he needed.




Besides playing well, he ran out the game better.


Capri pants did very well. Very happy for him!


Great game from Belly yesterday, his ruckwork was exemplary but to also get 2 goals was the type of thing he needs to keep his spot. Leuenberger will be putting massive pressure on him, and that is the best thing that can happen. He can't rest on his laurels after 1 good game, because if he does he is straight back out.