#2 Tom Bellchambers


And we saw why they do :slight_smile:


One of my favourite moments from the game, was Belly grabbing Mummy from behind (here we go again) and chucking him aside like a doll.


Sounds like a witness statement.


And one of my least favourite moments was the free kick against him to Mumford that immediately preceded the free to DeBoer just before 3/4 time. Mumford is aggressive and pushes hard into ruck contests. Belly beat him doing the same thing. And the umpire decided he won too convincingly on this occasion and gave Mumford a free for being pushed when he was off balance. Everyone is criticising the DeBoer decisions (rightly) but the Mumford one was just as bad.


Give the guy some credit. He had more hitouts, disposals and goals then Mumford, supposedly one of the best ruckman in the comp. He played a good game yesterday, hope he keeps it up.

Only issue is that it seems like we're playing Daniher more in the ruck than what we usually seem to.


I think that would back off a touch as Belly gets fitter, .. but I also think Joey likes spending time there, .. maybe not as much as last night, ..but, I'd guess, and I mean guess, .. 20 to 30% would sit quite well with him.


An in-form TBell finishing the year as number 1 ruck would be a fantastic result for our list.

Would be one less area to stress about, especially with Draper as a long term option.


Was a very encouraging performance. If like to see some stats on jd's ruck minutes compared to when luey is in the team.

Have to admit I cracked it when he dropped on in the goal square at the start of the second and they scored on the rebound. Otherwise his hand was first rate.


3rd game back after about 10 years, id be worried if he was only this fit at the end of the year.


Tommy was superior in the ruck for the first 3 quarters, but in the last Mumford edged him for hitouts and hitouts to advantage. That might have been the difference in the end. As he gets more game time at AFL level, he might be able to run out 4 quarters, in which case he might dislodge Berger from preferred status.

Yes Ivan, the one he dropped was a real shame. I was also very disappointed in that one.


Whoa, that's a very glass empty take on what was a good game against a well-credentialled opponent he clearly beat on the night. Guess for some old notions are hard to shift.


I would have played Luey yesterday. However Bellchambers showed he deserved his spot. If he can recapture his best form he'll make a huge difference for us.


Not sure if you are referring to my comment. I am really glass 3/4 full on Tommy, he just has to sustain those performances and possibly even improve on them because he is a much better mark around the ground and is a better kick.. Every tall on the team needs to take contested marks


Solid game, contested well.


One word change there and that would be a whole new sentance


Looney was always very good insurance if Belly couldn't get fit or find form. Glad to see him back as he finally looks strong enough to push against bigger opponents.

Needs to back it up against Ryder now. Would love nothing more than to see Paddy get beaten by Belly.


He was really good yesterday and good on him. Luenberg for me still the top dog as TBells fitness just isn't there and it has wider impacts on our balance.


I thought it was the best game by a bomber ruckman since.......well I don't remember.

influential in the ruck, influential around the ground, gave us a target to kick to from a point (not many issues in kick outs this week) and went forward and scored.


His fitness was improved on the previous matches, his agression better, he flat out beat Mumford on his patch.

You don't get this improvement by dropping him back to the VFL.

He's a bigger asset to the side in all round ability than Leuey.


Selection pressure sees Belly fire up.

Impressive from him. Didn't think he had it in him still TBH.

The Mummy type match ups suit him, it's the other rucks who can run him around that we might see an issue.

But 40 hitout, 15 possession, 2 goal games can't be sneezed at.

Hopefully he is ready to play angry vs Ryder this week. Going to get a little narky you'd think.