#2 Tom Bellchambers


At times I am a very poor sport. This is one of those times. I hope it significantly exceeds "a little narky".


Important AFL stats.

TBell 15th on our list for average marks, 2nd on our list for average contested marks
Berger, second last on our list for average marks and 24th for average contested marks.

We have had a serious weakness getting out of defensive 50 not having a good marking ruckman, not to mention a marking/punching/ spoiling ruckman, when the opposition are kicking out.

As a tall, Berger really must get this right, or imo TBell has his spot for as long as he can win 35+ hitouts per game, and keep on taking these grabs and kicking straight..


Fire in the Belly


I'd take 2013 Belly over Luey every time. Game on the weekend was a step in that direction.


Putting Belly in The Fire put The Fire in The Belly, .. eh?


Thought he was fantastic in the ruck against Mumford....the biggest positive out of the game for me. We know Bellchambers can play forward and kick the odd goal, he's shown that regularly over his career, but I feel his ruckwork never really fully come on the way I thought it would. I remember when he was drafted he was described as a tap ruckman who needed to work on his around the ground stuff. He did this to the point where he was arguably the best 2nd ruckman going around in 2013 because of his forward work. And since then his ruckwork has been a bit soft IMO....makes a contest but never looks like winning many taps to advantage. Saturday night was some of his best tap work I can remember since he started breaking onto the scene in 2011/2012 and it came about by being aggressive and throwing his body around. Hopefully Tommy can keep up this form because it changes our team and overall list dynamic.


Has put the pressure on Loony to win his spot back. It's Tbells position to lose now


Credit where its due, even if its an aging Mummy...


Won more coaches votes (3) than any other essendon player in the gws game.


Played well on the weekend.

Hate to say this but due for an injury soon.


Why? Just why??? This is why we can’t have nice things…


Didn't he kick 5 vs Port one time? Get around him


TBell the ruckman in th AFL team of the week ! who would have imagined that, based on the vast bulk of the contents of this thread !

Its early days in terms of stats averages ( 3 games in 2017), but among the rucks averaging 30+ hitouts per game, TBell is averaging the most goals , marks and contested marks. The clear deficiencies against the top ruckmen of the competition are in clearances, and contested possessions but to a lesser extent tackles.

He just needs to sustain this level of performance , but ramping up the clearances would be a real bonus for the team.


Dunno ...


Combed the whole beach on the weekend. Hope this him just finding form and his best is actually a bit further away.


Brother: "Bellchambers is rucking hell well... he's winning all the taps!"

Me: "Should have seen the Blitz thread, whole site was going mental that he was picked."

Brother: "Why do you even go on that site?"

Me: "....................................."


Those are the conversations I have with myself.


If the answer isn't trolling then I don't know the internet anymore.


Bellchambers Bandwagon 4 weeks ago


Great game! The question will be to see if he can do that a couple of weeks in a row. As someone previously pointed out, we haven't had a ruckman who can mark strongly around the ground since Ryder. I liked the aggression. Here's hopping he can prove a lot of people wrong.