#2 Tom Bellchambers


If you're having them with yourself, I think that explains why you come to this site!



Oi! I've been on the bandwagon since 2013! In fact, I had arguments that year that if we could only keep one of Ryder and Belly, I'd choose Belly.

Injuries have hurt that argument, but his best is very good, and he's just getting to an age where many rucks start to show it.


Peeto and Cory watch footy together, how cute.


Yep I remember prior to the 2014 season there was a large percentage of Blitz who thought Bellchambers was our number 1 ruck ahead of Ryder. Then along came some niggles and a resultant form slump, followed by a big list of long term injuries.


Also the fact that paddy was doing ■■■■ all but jump for the ruck contest. when hes got so many tools.


I already did.


People tend to forget he has missed a lot of footy due to injury. So hence the inconsistent performances. Also, he's a goal kicker, this is something that can't be understated.


If we take a mark out on flanks looking to go long into fwd line then TBC drifting into that 40-50m zone directly in front is a great play.

We did it twice successfully and he dobbed both

If he doesn't get used and a stoppage happens closer to goal then he can drift back outside 50 again to set up for the opposition long ball out.


Travis Casserly said that??


Afl website has a staff writers opinion of AA worthy players on each list.

The two rucks mentioned are Mumford and Ryder.

TBC beats Paddy this weekend and he's beaten the two best rucks in the land.

FWIW I will be over the moon if.he breaks even with Ryder.




Great to see Bellcho get back to the form he was in before he was injured in 2015. Was playing great footy that year in the ruck before he got injured.


Reckon he was awesome today. managed to dictate to ryder where he could tap it. then just monstered around the contests.

the awakening of the ding donga?


Had a first row seat to a ruck work Masterclass from Ryder tonight.

Fortunately Ryder did his usual thing of going to sleep for the rest of the game, while Mr. Capri Pants kept up his intensity and posed a threat around the ground.


Yeah played Ryder like a fiddle. Didn’t let him jump wherever he wanted.


Didn't let Ryder dictate the game. Tommy constantly tried to break free and make Ryder follow him. Was really good in the one on one marking contests as well


Ryder 1 tackle and zero marks.

Sure Ryder has more talent, and at times was the only thing keeping Port even vaguely in it, but Tommy ended up beating him on score involvements and actually took some marks and made some tackles.


Its that paddy ryder we saw for 90% of his games. doing sfa except jumping into a ruck contest.


Going in hard. He was hitting blokes all night, it was great


Yep, I think Ryder won the taps and tap quality, but in everything else he was pantsed.

The major differences between Belly and Leuy are his contested marking, and what he does when he has it. Belly is a pretty good field kick, and a good decision maker. When he gets it in the chain, he moves it on quickly to a generally good place with a good handball or kick. When Leuy gets it, you're never quite sure what he'll do with it.

He looked pretty annoyed when he marked it on the goal line and had to give it up because of JD's early leap as well. He's a real danger up forward.