#2 Tom Bellchambers


showed a bit of mongrel last night, which i think he really needs to do on a more consistent basis

needs to assert himself


Leuey plays like he's the only one playing netball in a basketball game.


I have been a Bellchambers skeptic. For a long time. I have to concede he looks a different player to me - his intensity at the contest is sharp, he looks fit and his hands have always been quality. I have always dismissed Tom due to his propensity to shirk contests physically for a big bloke. I am seeing a different footballer the last few weeks - I wonder whether it is career motivating to have Matthew Leuenberger waiting in the wings - I imagine it probably is.

tldr: Fantastic to see Tom fit and ensuring his 105kg frame is being used. Clunking and goals will follow if he stays in the team this year. And I am a Leuenberger fan.


Bellchamber's form makes our team so much more resilient as we approach the back end of the season. His ability forward would mean he's a solid option if one of the talls becomes injured.

If we need to fill a KPF spot, Leuey comes in and TBell goes forward.

If we need to cover a KPD, Hooker goes back, TBell forward, Leuey ruck.

Clearly it isn't our preferred best 22 and I don't expect we will try it voluntarily. It does allow us to hold our structures and maintain a high calibre of talent across the ground for a week or 2 while a player is rested or injured.


Played well, threw his weight around. Looks like Joe has to go into the ruck a bit more than when Looney is playing. But I think that's shown to be a fair trade off,


FFS no


I'm not saying move Hooker back for no reason. If Hurley was injured, with Ambrose and Browne unavailable, wouldn't it be nice to magic an All Australian backman out of thin air?


Yeah I understand but I just worry how it would effect our fwd structure



I guess that's kind of my point. He'd hold the structure reasonably well. If you didn't have an in form TBell, what is your next option? Francis can't run out a game. McNernan has never consistently performed as an AFL fwd. Langford doesn't have the size. Hurley has made it very clear he will never ever ever agree to playing forward ever ever again. Browne is injured. Leuey has as much forward craft as a blindfolded drunk. Ambrose is injured. Davey has been delisted and his sons are too young.


Langford goes ok on the hff, can mark well and is a solid kick for goal, we would also have the bonus of rotating him onto the ball.
That's the way I'd be going


I can see Worsfold going with that too. It would be a big change to our structure as you would be running a smaller forward line. It would mean replacing a 200cm 100kg+ player with 190cm 83kg. I don't see Langford as a FF marking target, more a 3rd tall that escapes notice.


Langford is officially listed at 191/90, pretty much the same as Hurley or Francis. He does know how to lead, and is a much better set shot than the side-skipper and the cramped stabber.

No one’s a better set shot than Joe D, I’ll concede.


Great to see some physicality from Tbell, he looks SO much better when he plays angry


Can't underestimate the 'spiritual' significance of having Tommy (and Myers) in the team and playing good footy too. Has been around a while now and seems to be a very popular teammate. Good mates Jobe and Hooksy would be absolutely thrilled playing together after all his injury concerns.

If only BFF Pears was in the team. Myers, Pears, Hooker and Belly were all drafted together in 07.


Why were the clapping him off last night? Almost looked like they were going to arm chair ride him off.


That was his first Win in like 2 and 1/2 years


I don't care what the hitout totals were, Bellchambers had his number all night and I thought smashed him. Ryder was completely ineffective bar a few taps whilst Belly also got some nice taps but actually had a presence around the ground. It's been a great last few weeks from Belly.


Belly knew he could never out jump Ryder at centre bounces so often he didnt try to. He often pushed into the side of Ryders body with his hands and destabilised him. The hitouts to advantage differential was about 7, but the clearance differential was only 1 or so overall the strategy was effective. Toms handballs were a lot more damaging than anything Ryder did around the ground.


Since Ryder has left, his tap ruckwork has continued to improve to the point of being elite.

But his around the ground stuff appears to be as half hearted as usual.

For a guy with his skills, mobility and endurance, Ryder should get far more of the football, and should really be that 'extra mid' that so many mobile rucks aim for.

I thought TBell played him well, almost like he had previously rucked against him at training for 6 odd years!