#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


I reckon you have no idea what you’re talking about and that he is as good as gone.


I have no idea why they offered him 2 year last contract.


His name’s Zach


Definitely on thin ice I’d say.
I reckon it will come down to how hard we cut this time.


He’s the most obvious delisting right now. No chance he’s around next year


I reckon Bird, Hocking, Howlett and Stanton are all more obvious. But barring a miracle I’d be delisting Jerrett as well.
If they want to keep someone for depth, I’d rather him than any of the other 4.


If Zerrett came to the club and said “give him 3 years or I leave next contract” then I’d sign Jerrett up for 5 years.


Reckon there’s more than a few blokes in front of him. Definitely not in the best 22 at the moment, but has age a bit of versatility on his side.


Barely managed a game last year for probably the worst Essendon side for 80 years, and can’t get a game this season.

Pretty sure that he doesn’t have much to offer.


Life is full of choices.


Often players just aren’t good enough. He’s fits that category.


Stantong and Hocking have played this year and Howlett has a spot in the 22 atm.

You’d say if Craig Bird gets offered $100 a game to play the rest of the season at Aberfeldie and wanted to do it the club would probably happily release him right now, such is his prominence in Woosha’s plans evidently.


AFL site saying suspected broken leg. Anyone heard anything?

Changes for the Blues


Would be a very harsh way to go out.


Thanks for your service Jerrett.


That’s ■■■■■■. I mean not so much from a senior term perspective but from a VFL and depth sense that’s terrible news.


Fractured Fibula (Facebook) Essendon FC News


Well, I guess we’re done here then. Disappointing way for him to bow out.




why does he have to bow out. What is he 23. Surely got some good footy left in him.
If Watson, Kelly, Stanton, Hocking, Howlett, Morgan go, that’s 5 changes to the list. Does he need to go?
Does Bird stay on the list?
If he has trade value, and we get something decent then sure, but don’t think we need to dump a guy who is still young and can improve