#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


Not great news at all.


Take the rose coloured glasses off mate, some blokes just don’t make it

Hope he gets a gig with our vfl side next year


Sad news.

He’s contracted next year though isn’t he?




Regardless of what happens to Jerrett I always felt he had tools to make it, and should’ve made it. Neat skills, some pace, good kick for goal, nimble.

Yet never seemed to find it enough at the top level, and drifted in and out of games often quite noticeably.

■■■■■ news yesterday, and realistically it probably is the end for him.


Still have an inkling he might be re upped though. Was showing reasonable to good form before this, and was quite possibly in sight of a call up dependent on our injuries from yesterday.


that’s not even funny to suggest that mate. The guy is done at AFL leve, good VFL level player. No shame in that, some players just don’t make it


If we retain him I’ll fkn lose it and it’ll be as bad of decision as giving Myers 3 years. Im really disappointed for him with his leg but that aside for a second. seriously, it’s what, he’s 5th or 6th season with us? He has shown zero development in 2 years that suggests he’ll make it. Even top up players were getting more games than him last season. Has he even been named as a emergency this year? He is a good enough vfl player but that’s it. He’s had blokes like green and begley go past him in their first seasons at the club. Seriously, he’s a obvious delisting


Yep 6th season - IMO the writing was majorly on the wall after last season when he only played 11 games in a season he should’ve played 20 considering. Seems clear Woosha has put a big red line through him


I hope he gets signed up for 2018, just for the hilarity in here…in fact, please Blitzers, post your reaction video if it happens.


Sad for him but it will be the end of his AFL career as he’s out of contract at years end.
He’s played over 50 games though which is still a good effort. Many of us could only dream about playing even 1 game.
I think there will be some decent list changes in the preseason. We need quality midfielders and then more quality midfielders. After that we need more quality midfielders.


Don’t have any on mate, but just don’t subscribe to the slash and burn everything mentality after a loss.
Its like people wanting Myers out, agree could be better, but the side has performed better when he has played, so his contribution at stoppages and in contests might be better than others like Langford.


Yeah broken leg. Think it was fibula? Saw his Instagram post.


Most of the activity in this thread since January has been discussing whether another team might pick him up after we delist him. He got slashed and burned long before last weekend.


He once farked Carlton, which makes him forever a don whatever happens next. Like tayte.


I had half a hope, given the subtle notion that he’d slightly improved in the VFL, that he might get a last month to prove himself in the 1s. We need someone of his type in the seniors.

Agree that he’s more gone than gone… but we also have Watson Stanton Bird Kelly Howlett Morgan to go as certainties… so if we don’t bring anyone in it’s him vs a 7th round pick in the draft… would you rather Jackson on minimum wage or Mike Ross? Maybe we go with one less main listed player and more high risk types in the rookie draft?


In my mind Mike Ross is a champion until proven otherwise. GET HIM IN!


With howlett hocking Stanton and Jobe probably going, I’d keep bird. Hell I thought he was good when he played against the saints


I think most of Blitz would agree with you and in fact most of Blitz has been lobbying to include him. I’d have him in for Jobe/Myers this week in a HEARTBEAT.

But Woosha clearly has 0 interest in playing him and has thought that way all year, so he’s a certainty to go.


It is not a bad thing to have 7 or 8 list spots available. It means a combination of late draft picks, rookie picks and free agency signings beyond what would be a normal year. So you get extra goes at finding players, albeit not those most highly fancied. But there are multiple examples of good players taken late in the draft or with rookie picks. It would be at the cost of depth, and in the event of injuries, no doubt our 2018 onfield performance would suffer. But it could also yield longer term benefits.