#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett




But some are now saying this is a weak daft.


That’s a line I’ve been hearing for years


It’s been right too. In most drafts our selections have ended up weak :slight_smile:



Yeah, but is he running? Or just getting caught trying out some new Japanese sex machine?


Pretty lame. Valentino Rossi was racing after 24 days. HTFU Jerrett!


Yeah but Rossi can sit down on the job.



We can’t keep these list cloggers.

Part of good list management is picking the right players, the other part is getting rid of players who can’t make it, to enable turnover to increase the probability of finding more players that can make it.

Plus with free agency and delisted free agents there is greater player movement, and significabtly less need to hold on to these ‘development’ players or to recruit ‘project’ players (if there ever was)




Essendon Football Club would like to thank Jackson Merrett for his commitment to the Club during his seven years with the Bombers.

The Club advised Merrett on Monday that he would not be offered a contract in 2019.

Merrett joined the Club with pick 31 in the 2011 National Draft and played 56 games in the red and black.

Senior Coach, John Worsfold, praised Merrett for his efforts throughout his career.

“On behalf of the Essendon Football Club I would like to thank Jackson for his commitment to the club,” Worsfold said.

“The attitude and leadership he has shown both on and off the field is truly commendable. He has outstanding character and has helped to mentor and support the younger players on our list.

“Jackson is a highly respected player of this club and we wish Jackson all the best with his future endeavours.”


Out: merrett, Goddard
In: sheil, setterfiled


I’d never viewed this thread.

This was the first post.

What happenend?


Only a matter of time unfortunately


he was wrong.


Unfortunate that it took too long?

You can’t seriously be disappointed by this?


Farewell Jackson… Sorry you didn’t quite make it. Good luck with your future endevours.


that’s a bit early, maybe???


At least he can say he got to kick a goal while playing in a winning Essendon side on Anzac Day. Not many people can say that


Two Jackson Merrett / Jackson Jerrett Merrett Threads. Lots to discuss.

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