#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


Saw an email with the subject “Jackson Merrett statement” and immediately thought something disrepute-y or tragic had happened. Subject wording is an underrated craft.

Anyhow I guess it was inevitable. Thanks, Jackson, and good luck.


Unfortunate for the kid’s sake. That is all

Not surprising or disappointing however


Didnt do a lot but farked Carlton once in his career

They were witches hats that day.


Thanks Jacko


The 11 month gap between posts in this thread probably says it all. He was rarely in the bests in the VFL this year, would not have been surprised and has had adequate time to set himself up for life after footy.


Reckon he was a trier, but just not quite good enough to be consistently AFL grade.

At least he played AFL and played some good games. The vast majority can’t say the same.


Seemed to have that something special at times, then just disappeared. I always wondered if Zach overshadowed him and mentally pushed him backwards.


Seems to me like we firmly believe we have landed our two big trades - no need to go 1 week early on either Goddard or Jackson Merrett.

We’ve done it to send our two trades an unmistakable target that we have the salary cap to fit them and we are prepared to make hard, early calls on our list to back that up.


Thanks Jackson. Got off to a flyer 1st season then faded quickly.


Tough time of year for a lot of fringe dwellers. Happens every year but still not a good feeling to see them go.


Hopefully no adverse impact on Zach… You’d like to think professional footballers are above such things, but far stranger things have happened…


Think he was very lucky to have 7 years on the list, one of the very very few guys who probably “benefited” from saga otherwise I think he would have been gone a lot sooner.

Seems like a decent human being and never put a foot wrong, so all the best to him and hope it all works out post footy.

I like the fact we are calling contracts early… seems like we are gearing up for another big trade/draft period. Good things around the corner maybe


Surely, Zac would have expected it…possibly even last year.

As long as they did it sensitively.


Dunno what happened with Jacko. That first season I was thinking he was going to be our new Blake Caracella.

He dropped off completely when his brother arrived. All the best to him. I actually hope another team gives him a second chance because he does have the ability.


I reckon Jackson would have too to be fair. Had a decent run at it, more than many.


Thanks for your efforts Jackson.

on another note. man the clubs not f*ckin around at the moment. the seasons not even done. they might have a player already sewed up for trade period


Good luck for the future Jackson, but man, if you were good enough to nail a regulation 40 metre set shot on a 45 degree angle on ANZAC Day, I’d be $800 richer.



No brainer delisting IMO, still doesn’t make it easier as there’s a human side to it all as we witnessed yesterday with Goddard. Curious timing though, on the eve of VFL finals, unless he’s injured and can’t play?


^^^He’s not sacked (delisted), just not renewing his contract.


Probably just giving him the best opportunity to explore his options. No point teasing it out if the decision has been mad


Find it weird it’s announced before the seasons ended…however wish him all the best!
Seems a likeable bloke and jut didn’t pan out for him!