#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


Result is the same either way you slice or dice it but it will end up a delisting once the list lodgement is made.


Yes, I know. It was a reference to the way Sheedy was treated.


Yes, I got it. Sheeds himself says he was sacked. Semantics and PR spin. Just call a spade a spade IMO.


“Creative has nothing for you.”


Can see him getting a gig at North if Morgan can…

Best of luck with what ever he does. Will always remember that game v Carlton where he tore it up


Maybe he is playing on Friday night.


Was given every opportunity, but didnt eventuate. Good luck for the future.


As Speedy said, farked Carlton. Thanks Jacko.


Who’s next?


Best game he played for the club - pity he couldn’t repeat…


Friday night in the VFL?


Thanks Jacko.
All the best to a damn good bloke.


Just gives him and his agent a few more weeks to try and sort out a spot for next year.

From memory we do this pretty often with the absolutely gone guys. The borderline cases are the ones who happen right near the list lodgements.


Ha Ha . Had the same bet…$20 at about 30:1
was right behind the kick - never looked like it but at least daniher marked and goaled - what could’ve been!


If he was a little bit better at footy he’d be about$200k richer, with a contract for 2019.

If your aunty…


I got 40’s.

I’ll let it go now…probably


I disagree. He is a handy player in a good team. The saga meant we weren’t good


sorry miss jackson, woooooooooo


So, will he still play VFL and potential VFL finals?


He is contracted until the end of the season. If the VFL play finals the season isn’t over.