#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


Only only 1 more player out required to meet the mandatory list turnover number…
How many out required to meet the Essendon cap space requirement ?



A trillion times.


He barely received games in our top up year from memory. Mind boggling that he was on the list this long.

Having said that, wish him nothing but the best.


All the best Jerrett


The mandatory list turnover number is a mandatory drafting number, not delisting number.


I never understood why he was dropped that year. Was going well at the start of 2016, one bad game, chopped. And then never came back. I think it really killed his confidence and any chance he had.


I don’t know, from memory he played about 2 senior games that would be considered ‘good’ and he was around in some years where we played finals footy, or were in contention for large periods of the season and never ‘came good’.

I think he is a very very handy footballer that just wasn’t quite good enough for AFL success… absolutely no shame in that.

If the saga doesn’t come along… I reckon he is delisted about three years.


He had found his groove in the weeks prior to breaking his leg. He had learnt some more tricks and i genuinely thought he was going to head back into the seniors. Then it happened. He never got his full confidence or commitment right, after that.

Best of luck Jacko, in whatever you end up doing.


Yep. Played his best games in the years we were good.13/14/15


Not to be disrespectful, but this should have happened 2 years ago.

Good luck to him though!




I wonder how he’d go with Cobden next year in the Hampden League. At least he’d wear the same jumper.

A couple of times he played really good games and you hoped that would give him the confidence to go on with it, but never did.


I always hope that anyone that pulls on a red and black jumper is going to be a superstar. It’s a shame Jerret didn’t quite make it there. Showed some signs early days but didn’t progress.
Thanks for your service Jackson!!


Don’t feel as if Jerrett ever really believed that he belonged at AFL level.

Never-the-less the guy has been a good clubman, and is a top bloke.

All the very best to him.



Best of endeavours for the future though.


Delisted BEFORE the season even ends. That doesn’t happen to too many players anywhere.


Maybe it’s so he has a chance to get a gig somewhere else.
Everyone knows now he is available if they want him.


Port Adelaide were keen last year

Blues / GC might consider him worth a look

Otherwise if he stays in Melb I’m sure VFL team might keep him on


It happened to Donnington.


It didn’t work out how we’d all hoped. Sadly, that’s life. Good on ya, Jacko and thanks very much for your efforts.