#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


A little too good for VFL and not quite good enough for AFL.


Sounds just like me. A little too good for kicking a sock around my bedroom and not quite good enough for anything beyond bedroom sock footy.


I always thought he had the ability but lacked the competitive mongrel to suceed. I used to notice him standing just off where the contest was, looking like he hoped the ball might come to him, rather than just going wholeheartedly for it himself.
That is probably just a lack of confidence.
When a guy who is a good kick, even a very good kick, fails to even make the distance and kicks a floater across the goalface when he gets a simple set shot, it’s a sign he has a lot of self doubts.


If you go to the comments at the start of this thread you’ll see there was a lot of excitement about him. Thought we had a real player. But as has been said he just couldn’t maintain it.


He probably missed the easiest goal I remember. He ran into an open goalsquare against Richmond…very close to the end of the season and wearing #33…and missed. Easier to kick than to miss.


It happened yesterday to Goddard. No point mucking about. Maybe this is all a part of a new ruthlessness. Usually we are among the last to delist.


If the saga doesn’t come along maybe he is developed in a proper environment and is better for it. Hypotheticals are easy.


Always looked a bi timid in terms of confidence and what his role was, when to go, here to stand. Good luck to him for the future. An obvious call for the club to make. Making the right moves, asap is a good sign.


Good on you Jerrett, you got a lot closer than I ever did. I thought you were there after that Carlton game, sorry that the confidence didn’t stay with you.

Maybe you can take a seat next to Darcy D and give your younger brothers a hard time from the stands.


Agree. Always thought that Jerrett had all the attributes to become a successful boundary umpire.


Whoever is saying he didn’t make it need some perspective. Bloke played +50 AFL games over 7x seasons and probably has a house or two out of it and gained skills and contacts that will assist him in life going forward. He’s done brilliantly.


Don’t think anyone is doubting he’s done well for himself.

He spent 3-4 years on the list too many but I wish him well in the future.


And that’s the thing “He spent 3-4 years on the list too many”. Too many for who?


Too many to establish himself as a regular player in the senior team. When he couldn’t crack it for a game in 2016 with all the top up players brought in, then it was time to move him on.


But how do you know what the club’s plan with him was? So when you say “too many”, you mean too many years for your liking?


Nor for my liking. l would not have given him a new contract 2 years ago. If the club had plans for him, they would have played him. They didn’t. End of story.


The plans might have been something along the lines of, “ok-ish player who is well liked and respected amongst the playing group and can provide some depth if push comes to shove. And if he’s a late bloomer then sweet but if not then oh well.”


If that’s our approach to list management, it’s no wonder we haven’t won a final in a decade.


Ok-ish shouldn’t cut it after anything more than 3 years. Good luck to Jackson for the future, but our list is improved immediately by his departure.


Thought we missed a trick in 2016 when we hardly played him in the seniors despite missing most of our senior squad. He got dropped early on and sent back to the VFL for some reason even though he looked to have improved considerably on the previous year. Woosha must have been setting an example by sending him back to the VFL to work on things but it clearly didn’t work. Think he would have been better off playing the whole year in the AFL to gain experience. Must have killed his confidence as he never really returned to any type of good form bar the VFL period prior to his broken leg.