#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


burn them anyway, they live, witch, they die, human.


No, no. There’s a process to these things.
@Scorpio what say you? Be you a witch?


Oops. Apologies to @Scorpio, sterotyping coming to the fore there. :frowning:




Relative lack of football background?
He grew up in a footy family, playing footy, played for Cobden, played TAC cup, Vic Country and APS football.
How much more footbally can his background get?
he just took it less seriously than cricket for a year or two



Relative to cricket.


I don’t even think that’s true? He played both at the highest junior levels possible.


Admit that I expressed it poorly.

Just pointing to comment at the time that Zerret’s base fitness affected by his commitment to cricket over footy leading up to (? including) his draft year.