#20 Jackson Merrett


Played 48 of the last 56 odd for them, stretching back to the start of his 2nd year. He's perhaps stalled, but he's best 22


Agree on hambling but kersten is a scania


36 games in 5.5 years at 3 clubs for hamling

Journeyest journeyman that ever did journey


Who did hambling play at before the dogs?

Either way, he was pretty good last year and he's been pretty good this year. He's a underrated defender


Drafted by Cats, 0 games there

He's not terrible but is he that good? Or just looks good cos he's taken over from spud Dawson


47/63 over the last 3 years (ie missed about 25%)

He's looked OK when playing a role in a good side, but the longer he's played and the less support he's had around him the more average he has looked. Seems to be able to find it, but question marks over his disposal.

Not sure he's definitively better than Merrett, he's just previously had more protection around him.


I'm not sure he's that great either, but if you can get a reasonable 100 game B or C grader from any pick outside the first round, that's a decent result. If you took Hartunt with pick 5 you'd be disappointed regardless; at pick 65 he'd be a really big win.

Think of the over/under rated in terms of "is there 23 guys better than Hartung in that draft pool". I reckon about 10 (Zerrett, Fanta, Ben Brown,Lobb, Lewis taylor, maybe Dumont, Sam Lloyd, Charlie Cameron, Ambrose - a few others are arguable) jump ahead of him, and about 5 (Scharenberg, Freeman, Ben Lennon, Aish, Jack leslie, Apeness) drop behind.
So he was taken very slightly early, even with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. Wouldn't call him a fail pick.

Overall 2013 seems pretty deep with about 45 guys having established themselves so far.


OBrien has looked ok in games I've watched he's played in. Seems a decent mark and kick for goal. Moves well.

Pushed past Vickery as fwd/ruck not that it was hard to.


Looks OK but doesn't end up doing much.


Probably not a fail, and also not much a win. Just about an "average pass" for the pick. Of course they could have had Zach Merrett with that pick.....


Running out of time, or has this decision already been made?


He's a sixth year outside player who hasn't got a spot in the best 22. No point making a decision until the end of the season, but I don't think it would be a long conversation.


Fixed & he is gorn. And anyone says we need to keep him as a stable mate for his brother, can go & get farked


Could he potentially make it somewhere as a defensive forward???


So you're saying he'll be on the rookie list next year?


Its strange but depends on how deep we cut.



I actually think he'd go alright in Green's position.

But I doubt he'll get that chance.


Not good enough for afl level


Gotta get them GPS numbers up.


He deserves a crack. His form has been good and he has a point to prove.

He has to become that half forward/winger type like a Gus Monfries.