#20 Jackson Merrett


I think he plays well in a good team.
If he can play on a wing/ HFF and get lots of uncontested ball and deliver inside 50 he could be useful.He had a good start last year.
If we can be a good team, then he could be handy.


I don't think there is anyone at AFL level that he is better than.


Trade him to Scorpio for a second rounder :slight_smile:


Comes in for Green if he is injured. Give him one last crack and see if he suprises like Gleeson and Belly.


Tom Hickey?


My first thought is he's gone. So is my second thought. My third thought (after the game on the weekend) is that he might have more impact than Colyer at the moment....

I'm starting to read that this might be a pretty shallow draft. But I would still expect Jerrett to go. As a minimum I would think Jerrett, Morgan, Stanton and Hocking will be gone from the senior list. Howlett, Dea and Bird probably depend on who retires, who we trade in and how we perceive next year.

Brown might request a trade. I know I would if anyone was interested who has a weak defence. If fit he'd get games (IMO) at several teams, and with Francis starting to perform and Gleeson going well he should view himself down the pecking order.


How good has Gleeson been, I had almost written him off earlier in the year when he was dropped.


So Jackson Merrett is the worst player in the AFL? He's not even the worst player on our list.


Dea is contracted for next year


Good. I rate him.


Am I the only one that hasn't neen surprised by Gleeson? He hasn't been as bad as made out innthe past, has always shown something.

Regarding Jerrett, he's not best 22. Needs to play out the year well or risk being delisted. Personally, I hope his form continues to improve.


Player who shows limited signs of improvement and can't get into the seniors (even when an AFL team is literally forced to play a VFL caliber team for an entire season) despite being at the club for 5-6 years.

Pencil this in for a de-listing and re-rookie scenario.


Agreed. With Hurley, Hartley, Ambrose, Ridley, Gleeson, Francis, Hooker and Dea we could afford to trade him. I can't see us getting much on the open market, considering what we got for Melksham and Hibberd. We'd get a pick in the 40-50 range, which probably isn't the worst outcome.


I could see a team like Sydney offering Merrett a second chance, either a late trade or rookie pick selection.


Disagree that he wasn't/isnt AFL quality, I think he is, but he isn't ever going to show it now.

It just never clicked, needed more willingness for the contest.


I've always had faith in Marty.


Do I get steak knives? (Not much good for me I am a vegetarian, but it is the principle)


And then making a massive play for Zac later?


Everyone's a comedian.


I can see Jerrett going to another club.