#20 Jacob Townsend - donning the correct sash

people talking Townsend down but talking Myers up, just wow

Spot on. Fact is we did not line up with a very experienced side (by league standards) most weeks in 2019.

We had the second most inexperienced side in the 8 (and the dogs got flogged as well).

It’s a long season and experienced players help you get through it.

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I prefer this one.


Heppel’s style is perfectly suited to inside mid. But he needs to put on a lot more size to be able to do that role full time

■■■■■■■ hell man, he’s gone, get over it.

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You realise he’s about the same size as Townsend

Welcome to Blitz Jacob Townsend.

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Adds AFL finals experience and finals winning experience to our list…

  • Stringer (Dogs 2016 premiership)
  • Shiel (won finals at GWS)
  • Smith (won a final with GWS
  • Townsend (Tigers 2017 Premiership)

The divisive Jacob Townsend


Whether Hibberd or Townsend actually add to our team no one can be sure but bringing in a couple of mature options who can compete for that big inside mid was absolutely required. You can argue the list hole shouldn’t have been there in the first place but we have addressed it alongside some developing talls so in terms of list balance we have improved, list quality the jury is out. I’m heartened by the fact that Richmond supporters loved this guy perhaps he can be a Barnard or Young and play a role. Regardless, I’m so sick of being a soft side that I applaud any measure that may help change that. I predict he will become a Smack like fan-favourite…


That’s not true. The crows won a final in 2012, but it wasn’t one of the 6 games McKernan played.

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We did grab 4 kids who we rated higher. And one rookie. One of those won’t play for 12 months so we got Townsend.

Not sure we could have rated him much, if any, than last list spot.

To apply the same logic, are we going to go backwards because we just sacked ZLarke who won 2 or 3 at Freo?

We never got to see what Z Clarke could do in a final…


Are you purposely trying to ■■■■ me off?

Comparing the Townsend AFL stats to mids is somewhat misleading though because he was a tagger at GWS IIRC and then played as a medium fwd at Richmond

So his numbers aren’t going to be showing much possession wise

Do we have his VFL year stats when won the Liston?


So…this guy might not be 100 game player for EFC, he might not win a Crichton Medal but what if, what if he has a similar purple patch for us?

Townsend is clearly the better player - has double the hitouts.


As opposed to Hocking & Howlett?

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