#20 Jacob Townsend - donning the correct sash

No mate.

Just more inclined to come to us,(& to WANT to), and put up with being shouted at as a “Drug Cheat” from toothless fkwit oppo supporters 4 times a day while out in the City/suburbs … and more likely to have the resilience through their passion to stay despite it.

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I like this pick up. Plays unsociable football. Not a private school kid.
Hard, passionate, great kick. Team first.

The only one I’m not happy about drafting is Riccardi.

But I ll back em in. Jones sounds like a jet. And Bryan blows me away with his athleticism.


Look. When Richmond won the flag in 2017 everyone said most Richmond players were not that good, they just played their role and executed the game plan. So who says these hard nuts cannot displace some of our “skilled” best 22. If they execute the game plan, do not compromise and it works,. We might be surprised at the eventual makeup of the 2020 team.


Seems a terrific club man, and is a more than adequate depth player, but if he plays AFL (and especially in the midfield) most weeks we will have gone backwards in 2020.


If it’s incidental then cool, whatever, I guess it’s nice. But it should be about 100th on the list of reasons you’d recruit someone. Just saying!! Lol

Haven’t been this nonplussed about a pick-up since Hayden Skipworth.


Said he doesn’t want to be a depth player in the HS article he’ll be gunning for a midfield spot

Nobody on an AFL list wants to be a depth player, but given there is 48 on a list and 22 named each week, most are.

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Well I rather Townsend in the middle than Langford


I never thought I would ever say this but I would be happy if Langford never plays again if it means that Nino stops saying the same farking thing about Langford in every second post


For every Dev Smith that plays brilliantly at his new club , there’s a Bryce Gibbs that falls flat on his face. I am hoping Townsend has a breakout year with us.


Really pleased about this pick. Genuine hard nut who can bull his way through the midfield and play a role when up forward. I would love to see all of Devon, Townsend and Hibberd in the same side.


Currently Gown was all in on FCFC

Amazing how much better he looks in a red sash as opposed to yellow.

Rutten/Caracella signing. He will know what they want to implement. They will have a specific role for him, and coming from that Richmond program he will play it to perfection. Hardness, self sacrifice, put team before individual. If that rubs off on enough blokes then we will go better than everyone thinks. Welcome to Bomberland Jacob!


Welcome Jacob. For those of you who don’t know yet it is the Essendon program we have recruited him for. No other teams!

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He is the Damien Peverill we have been missing since … Damien Peverill.


Long been missing a god of sex on the list.

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Other mids are now on notice

Langford is crying tonight


From what dodoro said, I reckon it sounds like they plan for him to be best 22 and play senior footy straight away

I’m far from sold but best of luck to him. Hopefully a switch to a inside mid is exactly what he needs, and he’s hailed as a bargain get towards the end of next season


Hopefully can have the type of impact Matt de Boer has had at GWS after being de-listed from Fremantle. Hardened mature midfielder who contests and is disciplined defensively.


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