#20 Zac Clarke


Was able to be bad, but still noticeably better than Bellchambers


Get well soon JD. Real soon.


Was a lot better in the second half

But I want Draper in, and to be honest it’s a toss up between Tbell and Clark who should be omitted


He was better than bellchambers

And bellchambers was terrible


He was comical to watch.


First game in a couple of years, ease up, anyone would be nervous.

His selection may have won us the game, TBell was cooked.

Is he good? Not really…
But TBell is way below the best, and Clarke will be needed in those games, Grundy, Gawn, Goldstein etc


I’m more critical because I know we have Draper fit and keen to play. If all we wanted was effort I’m sure Draper could atleast do that much.


2 years ago. Imagine coming off a knee.
I think he contested well…a lot of things to fix .but not terrible


I doubt Draper will be in to replace either of them, even though that is what I want.


Not our worst. But probably our second worst.


You could probably keep him in the side, if you drop Bellchambers and Bring in Draper.

Just so big Sammy gets a chop out… or is getting badly beaten in the ruck. We need to look to the future… we are literally f*cked if Draper decides to get back to SA.


Zac Clarke in Essendon jersey.


Think about it.


I had never watched this guy seriously until today. If he plays another game of AFL i quit.


Served his purpose.

Ensured we held our forwardline and kept a backman honest.

Actually provided some physicality around the ball and provided a chop out in the ruck.

Draper could do that though.


He only plays if he is the only ruck - Tonight he was awful.


WOB was right


If TBell is cooked why not play Draper and develop a future ruckman under him, rather that play a stop gap playerin Clarke? It’s odd. I guess Woosha is generally just conservative with selection?





Both rucks were blooody awful in the first half, and the main reason we weren’t waaaaay ahead.

They neutralised the ruck contests a lot better in the second half. Bellchambers still did nothing around the ground, but Clarke did plenty in the second half and a bit more than half of it was positive.


Had three easy options and one stupid one and chose the stupid one

  1. Just kick the goal
  2. Handball to Raz who was free running past
  3. Handball to Stringer in goal square
  4. Go back and kick a point

Then giving up the mark to the midget


Those 2 complete lack of awareness acts kick started melbourne’s fight back in the 2nd, you can’t carry dumbasses like that, it’s why we’re better without myers and langford