#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke

This feels so much like James Gwilt 2.0.


I have no idea what to say here about his game… strange.

Actually, what was the discussion between Zac and Guelfi when the Demon marked begeeen them?

Give him a break. First AFL game in a couple of years and he’s up against one of the best rucks in the league. If not the best. He did alright.


Patches of good and bad.
Got the win so perhaps helped our structure.

I think Clarke expected Guelfi to put some body contact so the Dees player couldn’t come in from the side and take a mark.


Fair enough and so he should.
Don’t mind a bit of a spray for the right reasons.
Especially if helps the kid learn not to make that same mistake again. We are all human.

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I wonder what it could be??


We looked legit better evertime he went on the ball. He can actually move.


Don’t see the similarity:

  • Qwilt got Mitch Brown back onto an AFL list.
  • Zac just kicked Brown out of the team.

Horrible knee protector

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It was Clarke’s first game for us in the Ones, though he’s been killing it in the Magoos.

He was okay — and an upgrade on TBell, who got pantsed by Gawn (TBell is obviously injured — he had a big icepack on his left leg after the game).

We need the second ruck — Draper is not yet ready — SMacK must remain at full forward (He’s injured, too, btw !)

Give Clarke another couple of games to see what he can do, once he gets used to the guys he’s playing with.

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Agree with this 100%.

No way is Clarke coming out of the side.

Having an extra genuine ruck that provides something around the grounds helped a lot.

He will remain in side, perhaps Ambrose to exit team replaced by Hooker. We all prefer a good hooker. Make it happen Woosha

Please, no more.



While he had a few clangers/brainfades, the Bellchambers/Clarke combo did wear Gawn down and negated his influence which I think helped us in the centre. Bellchambers looks to be playing hurt and Smack would have been smashed v Gawn.


You’re right about Clarke, but very wrong about Ambrose.

Ambrose clocked up 15.4 km tonight — more than anyone else on the ground. In a high-scoring game, where both teams scored over 100 points, Ambrose’s direct opponent scored exactly ZILCH. Whoever makes way for Hooker’s return, it won’t be Ambrose.


His skills by hand and foot were tres ordinary, and the goal he missed kick started Melbourne, when a quick to Raz or Stringer for a certain goal, would have killed the contest right there and then. It was a major turning point in momentum. l cringed every time he went near the ball, he was so bad. Meanwhile TBC is a no show, and providing very little, looks to be carrying an injury. He should not be playing. Rest Tom for a couple of weeks, and Clarke should only get better, he has plenty of scope to improve.


Look, he’s not total rubbish and as a delisted FA placed on the last possible spot on our list, he’s delivering exactly what we paid for.

He’s a good backup, but let’s hope he doesn’t stand in Draper’s way too much. Woosha does love playing mature-aged, delisted-by-their-last-club, role-playing plodders.


I kinda liked what he brought. He is very strong for such a tall guy, not so mobile but creates some concerns for the opposition.
Once he gets our rhythm he could be very valuable late in games. As the game went on tonight he created a Viduka-like presence.
On the other hand he could be a disaster, but I don’t think so based on tonight.


I don’t think we could have won without him.