#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke

I thought his first half was very ordinary
Second half better contested more
We need to give the guy a chance
He did wear Gawn down a bit given TBC was really poor and very worn out and its only round 3
Bring in Dam Draper I reckon

Has totemistic and talismanic qualities. Zac Clarke is our totem.

100% record, keep him in.

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Correct me if I’m wrong.

His height is an asset at the centre bounce. And was a key reason he beat Gawn pretty easily. We started winning the centre clearances because of it.

His around the ground rucking, when he goes body-on-body is pretty average.

If we’re gonna drop Bellchambers for Draper, now is the time. As Clarke can carry the load of Draper isn’t up to it.

Bellchambers and Draper in the team doesn’t work.



He had another option which was also to run in himself and probably kick the goal and he didnt choose that one either

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Thought he competed well in the ruck and won quite a few hit outs vs Gawn. He was selected for exactly that.

What he didn’t do well in was general play, mainly due to seemingly lacking any game sense / dumb

  • mark and subsequent point when had free players over the top for easy goal.

  • 4 or 5 times handballed to others who had opponent up their clacker & they were tackled immediately. This to me was probably the worst part of his game last night. Kick the ball or look for a better option to handball lad!

  • poor when dropping back into defensive arc with high balls

There is no doubt would have been a jump in intensity and level of nerves from him but by same token he’s very very experienced & much of the above shouldn’t happen.

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Bull crap. Every time he went near the ball was as if Melbourne had an extra player!


He’s a good top up.

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When Parish got brought down in the last he had Zac Clarke next to him. I was on the other side of the field but either Parish is deaf or Clarke didnt tell him he had someone on him

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Where’s the cannon and is it empty?

Correct, that’s exactly how i have called it. Drop TBell and bring in Draper keeping Clarke.

Plus TBC traditionally struggles with Stefan Martin

Missing the goal was ordinary, however, I thought the players could have run up to him & told him to keep his spirits up. He was obviously hurting. Rucked well at times, so played the role he was brought in for.

He is no good, so will probably play 100games for EFC

Not every player is a star. However the role players in a team need to bring intensity and Clark did that. Created options and impacted contests. The team worked overall so much better with him in than the last two weeks.


Agreed, Gawn could hardly move in the last 1/4. TBC and ZC were beaten but did provide a contest against one of the most effective players in the competition.

Best worst on ground performance I’ve seen

Who ever knew a bloke who got one kick and one mark in a grand final was not up to it?

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When he blasted Guelfi for having that mark taken on him (by someone almost half his size) in the 2nd I immediately thought I don’t want to see him play again in our jumper.

Couldn’t we have lured JAMAR out of retirment instead?


How many AFL Games has this guy played in awhile? Give the bloke a chance. Yes he did a couple of silly things but I reckon he is worth persisting with. Huge bloke who will win us a game soon.

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