#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke

Zlarke should have won that contest, but Guelfi turned what should’ve been a 2-on-1 into a 1-on-1

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The reason he was upset was because he wasn’t expecting 1-1 because he expected Guelfi to shepherd his player out of the contest. It caught him by surprise (which it shouldn’t have, he should have played as though it was a 1-1). He was right to Guelfi, he should have shepherded the contrast but didn’t.

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So can’t play Football?

So basically our choices are a cooked Bellchmabers that makes decent decisions and can mark but can’t move faster than a Grandma or a Hennemen style decision maker in Clarke that scares me with the ball near him but can compete really well at ground level and is agile. FARKKKKK

One other option…:wink:

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Sammmmmmmmmmy Boy!

p.s. Gee, I hope Ridley stays in & Myers is left in the magoos to work on his craft. :wink:


Hasn’t played an AFL game for nearly 2 years, so no surprise he struggled with the tempo. I’d like for us to continue with the 2 ruck setup, especially against Brisbane with Stef Martin.


Fark he was poor, he looks so soft and timid. He one a few taps but id rather play Draper if we are going to have two rucks. Tbell is not fit at all, he looked terrible as well.

Yeah nah, Guelfi burnt him horribly on that one.


Myers in for Mutch is the most obvious change ever from the selectors.

And if he had played on and ■■■■■■ it up, everyone here would be screaming why didn’t you go back and take your kick. Poor prick can’t win in that situation.

Watch the mark again, he is standing flat footed under the ball while the Melbourne player was coming in behind on the run. Any player in that situation is at a massive disadvantage and will normally lose.

As for kick starting Melbourne’s fight back, I call bullshit. The reason Melbourne got back into it was because we were down 2 midfield rotations with Mutch done for the night and Smith having to do a 20 minute concussion test.


Guelfi isn’t allowed to shepherd an opponent out of a marking contest - it would’ve been an obvious free kick against us.

Guelfi made the right call to stay down, expecting that the 203cm ruckman would either take the mark or at least bring the ball to ground, where he’d be ready to offer support.



Mutch was selected to play as a winger

Myers in would just mean they’d move Zaka or Parish to an outside role which suits neither

Hopefully it’s Redman in, Guelfi to wing

Our run was what did over the Dees.


Melbourne player? Clarke was miles by himself, he could have run in himself or even better handpassed to Raz. He literally had zero awareness

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He can disguise it like every other player in the comp does. Get in front of the opponent put your hands up like your going for the mark and make sure you do it 4 feet behind your player so the opposition cant get to them.


Rubbish. It was a 3-on-1 and he had no one within 20 meters of him! He didn’t even LOOK to pass it off, just turned his back on his teammates immediately. And then missed a goal from straight in front, 30 meters out.

I know he hasn’t played senior footy for a while and was bound to make some mistakes but that was a shocker.


I agree with you.

But I’d bet any money they will bring in Myers.

Right because the umps weren’t paying soft frees for both teams in front of goal all night for that sort of thing.