#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


Fact remains we have a 100% win record with him in the side.

Seriously though, he competed really well in the ruck, better than TBC I think. His decision making and skills were poor, but that’s to be expected after that sort of layoff.


There were two or three times he zigged when his team mate expected him to zag.

That should improve.


The melbourne players thanking clarke didn’t seem to think so.


I thought he was terrible but he allowed McKernan to remain forward which I thought helped the side’s structure. Hopefully Draper can replace him soon.


Let me enjoy the win for a few days before contemplating that. :laughing:


I can assure you that any decent footballer at any level would be ropable at Guelfi in that situation.
Heck, I get called out if I can’t find a way to block a 30m lead and stop a forward from crashing into the back of our ruckman lol.


A fitting replacement for Leuenberger: tried his guts out, was in the game, and moved like a giraffe.

I would like to see Draper have a run for comparison.


Just came in to see if there’s room on the Zlarke bandwagon. Guess not from the number of posts - will have to wait till there’s a seat available.


Moves much better than Leuey.

Nowhere near as convincing with his bodywork.


Point 1: A ruckman has nowhere to hide. If you are having a bad day, you have to keep returning to centre stage where everyone can see it.

Point 2: I seem to be vulnerable to referred embarrassment. Say I’m watching a TV show where someone is singing horribly, I can’t watch it, I have to change the channel to avoid the awkward feeling of humiliation.

Putting all that together, the ruck performances that have made me feel sad and embarrassed for the ruckman:

  • Hickey being destroyed by TBC (last year?)
  • Zlarke in JLT1
  • Zlarke versus MELB


I’m exactly the same! I could never watch those the prank shows where people got setup.


So you wanted Guelfi to give away a free? Was soft by Clarke. Even the melb players knew it.


I was wondering if he wasn’t adjusted to the pace so early on in his comeback game and thought that Dees player was closer than he actually was. Clarke had plenty of time but maybe didn’t wanna chance it.


I would have expected all our players to know that a zig comes before a zag


Anyone who saw him trying to hit moving targets with a handball should’ve had a fair idea why he went back to take his kick.


Should we blame the players who kept passing the ball to him?

Personally I’d go the Draper/Clarke combo, until Daniher is back at least. I can’t see Zlarke not passing the ball to a running Orazio again.


It’s not about not using the players, I will always back a forward to go back and take the kick when they are as awful a field kick/handball as Clarke. But you need to at least look. Sent a terrible message, as did the guelfi thing. Guy hasn’t got enough runs on the board to be doing that ■■■■.


He may have been off the pace, but surely

a) he should have turned around and had a look. You can do that without playing on

b) Surely Raz would have been yelling at him to give him the ball


Might have to wait a while as Draper is coming in (he says hopefully).


I only saw it the one time live on telly, but I thought both those things happened. He screwed up anyway.