#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke

Me too, I find that really hard.

Yeah, it was soft by Zlarke, but there were equally pissweak efforts at times from others during the game. Ones from Ambrose and Francis spring readily to mind…

The Melbourne player ended up getting the ball because Guelfi wasn’t willing (or capable) to risk giving away a free kick so what difference would it have made?

FFS Can’t we just enjoy a win instead of nit picking over one handball?


Just watching the replay, three quarters down. Clarke to be quite honest looks a complete liability. Absolutely terrible game awareness and skills and looks like the type that will actually cost us games of football with his ineptitude. His rucking may be just ok but I think I’d prefer we just play Draper with Bellchambers if we are going to do this two ruck thing.


Was like watching a top up player


Watched the replay. This guy is a disaster with the football and has scarily low football intelligence. Some of those hospital handpasses to kill his mates and kill the team, burning his mates to walk back and take a set shot and any time we went to him on the lead it went back the other way twice as quick…he’s quicker than our other rucks and decent picking the ball up but holy hell I thought he killed us in the JLT game against Carlton and thought he was poor again. Beggars belief we’d pick him over Draper and I can tell you if we lost this thread would be going nuts. We’re more forgiving after wins.


Oh and I took stock of the “we won heaps of clearances with him in the ruck” (he had a whopping 13 hitouts) but I watched a few and they were literally nothing taps with the ball in dispute for 30 seconds and we finally won a clearance. Literally had nothing to do with him and more do with guys like Zerrett/Zaka/Shiel winning their own disputed ball.


I must admit, on second watch, he was pretty damn ordinary.

Happy to have him as a ‘break-glass-in-case-of-emergency’ type thing, but I don’t reckon we’re there yet.


No Joe or Smack and Belly can’t ruck the whole game. We kinda are at break in case of emergency.

I’d love Draper in but not sure he and belly are an effective combo.

Play Draper predominantly in the ruck where he will be far more effective than Belly and let Belly play forward.

Belly will do better than Clarke forward.

Actually you’re right, with Smack out we need a second banana.


This would be our best combo of the rucks.
Draper about 60 or 70% time in ruck

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Bellchambers is a liability currently around the ground.

Resting forward as a third tall he might go ok and that’s only a might.

Spending over 50% of his time forward on one of the key defenders. He would get killed. Imagine a game with McGovern or Rance on him. We may as well concede.

Are you imagining Zac Clarke doing any better?

Most of the scenarios are poor options, but the option with Draper in it, has the advantage of having Draper in it.


Zac Clarke at least requires a bit of honesty on how you play against him. If I’m lining up on belly I am zoning and running off him all day

Tick for mine. We were horrendous the first two weeks and the sum total around ball and up fwd was much better and we won. Option paid off against the best ruck in the comp. Well done Woosh.

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Who ever we have playing FF this week will get slaughtered by Andrews, it’ll be interesting what the selection panel try to do.

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I would much rather watch Draper make mistakes and learn to be an AFL ruckman than watch Clarke get outmarked by a midget


Doesn’t really matter then?