#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


They can plan around losing the one-on-one and focus on lowering the eyes instead of bombing it long. We are gonna need our small forwards to play their best and whomever plays tall to nullify Andrews in the air.


we don’t have to for a year.


Oscar from the Eagles spent alot of time in the 2s. I reckon we will do the same with Draper and on this occasion, I agree with the coaching panel. Ruckmen take time, give Draper time.


I’d drop him for not passing into Raz for the goal alone. You can’t have guys not doing the team play.


I’ll have to watch the relay again, didn’t seem THAT bad


Yeah I was the same. I can forgive all the mistakes, but to blast a guy who busts a nut in every contest because you got out muscled is ■■■■ poor. Made himself look like a massive tool.


Is a potato




His first half was horrible. His 2nd half was much better.

At least he is mobile for a big man. I would personally go with him and Draper against Brisbane and drop Bellchambers. Bellchambers is just way too slow around the ground


Clarke to Andrews and tell him to bring the ball to deck if it’s kicked anywhere near him.


That’s an insult to potatoes.


Bellchambers as a forward? I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw him try to get to a ball drop in the forward 50 in the last quarter. He was obviously trying really hard but wasn’t really going anywhere.l and just stacked it.
Clearly managing an injury.


Clarke’s turnovers and Fuckups were momentum killers, and poison to the (fragile) teams confidence. Seemed like a few plays he was involved in led to Melbourne getting their tails up. He just can’t get involved in the linkup or congestion play. Some players figured this out in the second half and bypassed using him. All he is good for is running into a contested situation like a giraffe, scattering it and hopefully (probably 50/50) impacting it in our favour. Lifted in the second half. Better with his taps than Bellchambers and might improve after a few


Was i the only one who thought he was better in the ruck compared to bellchambers?


As much as I dont like Clarke I agree. Belly is so, so slow and not mobile at all, and he’s getting worse


No I thought Bellchambers was bad all round.


The only question I have is, what does he do better than Draper?


If Draper comes in then Bellchambers needs to make way, he is too slow and unable to effectively lead when forward. Clarke may be unco but he’ll at least be able to break out of a jog and contest at ground level.


A bit of a worry, (lot of more likely), that we are debating who is preferable at the moment - TBell or Clarke. I know that is our only choice but how did we get in this position? TBell was very good in the last half of 2018. Now he is a shell of that - slow, lethargic and not looking close to the class ruckman we desperately need. If Blitzers are right (and of course they usually are) Draper is a year off AFL ready. Clarke is excruciatingly cumbersome and is not looking going to compete with the likes of Grundy, Martin, Natanui etc that we need to be finals contenders.
Maybe we throw Draper in and see if we can fast track him. I just worry that our rucking stocks are below par.
Hopefully it will improve but at the moment it is worrying.


Let’s be real. Stefan Martin is going to murder which ever tuck he’s on around the ground. I’d deadset put an outstanding tap tuck in to give us a chance chance in the centre.