#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


True, so who is going to help us best at centee clearances and stoppages? Draper?


The only ruckman that might be able to keep up with Martin is Draper. It would be good learnings for the young fella as well.


Reading the vfl reports I’m in. He sounds better than both Clark and Bellchambers.


Who supported Draper as second ruck in the VFL? Did Brown or Stewart do any centre taps?


Was better in the ruck than bellchambers and had some dynamite taps that lead to actual goals, something we haven’t seen in a bit from bellcho

That being said coust us 2 goals through selfishness and lack of awareness. Really did not like his attitude of not handballing or passing as first option first game for a new team.

Could have even turned kept running and just kicked it himself

Also a few other brain fades during the game. But…was his first game in afl in a while under some heat so maybe he’ll be half decent given two more games. Let him and Draper try and run Martin off his feet.


He pretty much went 100%. A cameo or two from Stewart first half and Hartley second half.

He saved a tad of energy by not always running into our forward line for throw-ins or ball-ups, leaving Gown to take a few.


I was also disappointed at his unwillingness to hand pass to his teammates, then I saw him handpass and wished he hadn’t.


Ripper start to the game by Clarke. Hes been chasing and getting to contests. Belly still just throwing arms and not doing anything


Great start
And he smashed Neale with a corky.


Yep. Better.


Barely AFL standard, but travelling as well as can be expected so far in this game. Definite improvement on last week.


As poor as he was , I didn’t expect him to light the world on fire in his first game… he’s settling in… kind of like the difference between shiel round 1 and now


Was infinitely better than Belly today. The latter had concrete boots on.

Huge handball in the back half. Did a few nice things.


Needs to kick those goals.
BIIIIIG handball


Pat on the back for Zac

A lot more composed today and did plenty of important things in ruck & around the ground

Goal kicking looks very ugly however!


This is Zac Clarke’s world, we just live in it. 2/2 with him in the team. I’m not messing with a winning formula!


I would like to see him and Draper team up next week, assuming Daniher doesn’t come up.


:joy:. He is an ungainly footy player.

Better tap work, worse around the ground.

Id still like a look at Draper, perhaps TBC makes room for that though for a week.


And will get moreso with every game under the belt.

Confidence is an amazing thing.


Good game against very good opposition.

Like his mobility and his decoy moves to take Andrews absolutely out of the play.

Played a vital role today imo.

Really having two Rucks is vital to keep the pressure on & suits our speed outside game.
In essence the two can achieve more than playing just one and then Clark can play fwd to reasonable effect.

I feel that TBell is so low in fitness, follow up and impact at the moment that he would actually be farrrrkeed without ZClark.

It’s no coincidence that our two first wins this year have come after we brought in a 2nd ruckman. The 6x6x6 rules with the potential big momentum swings intensify the to have maximum ruck efforts 100% of the time. It’s also no coincidence that the Dees won last night with the inclusion of an extra ruck.