#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke

Gave away 3-4 free kicks in the ruck contest. Lucky most were when the game was over

Leuey was better.

Had to be said.


Maybe as a tap ruckman…the rest? Nope. Luey was horrendous around the ground. I dont rate Clarke, but he has him for agility, marking and forward work.


Has him for forward work does he?

He is yet to kick a goal and has butchered other opportunities.

I would prefer Draper every day of the week.

Luey was real bad up forward

Clarke is a decent forward. Arguably better there than in the ruck in previous years. I know hes butchered it so far, but it’s not a reflection on how he’s been the last few years up there. He’s actually a decent mark. It’s his ruck craft ive never rated

He’s actually in better form than belly. Draper/Clarke should be given a run against north

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Rucks shouldn’t play forward unless absolutely required in my opinion.

The fact that we have one permanently there and we aren’t drawing even in either the ruck or forward is a waste.

Was a far better game from him than the Melbourne game, but would surely be omitted for Joey to come in this week

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So who will play back up ruck? Surely not Joey…

If Belly can’t run out a game dump him for somebody who can.


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i actually like Joey playing in the ruck so id be all for it.

Belly looks legitimately cooked. Hes never been great around the ground, now he looks like a glacier

Bring in draper


All Clarke needs to do up forward is make his opponent accountable and stay out of everyones way.

Draper for Ballchambers is the most obvious selection in living memory. I’d have thought belly would at least be able to draw level with Martin in the hit outs.

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He is certainly not the ‘worse player to don an Essendon jumper’ as one poster said in the past. I could name many worse players at the club that have donned our jumper.

Last year’s Premiers say hi!
So does Alistair Clarkson.
And Simon Madden would beg to differ.

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Ok, rucks shouldn’t play forward for us then!

We aren’t good enough to be carrying a ruck who has minimal impact.

He will be gone soon enough.

And lol about Simon Madden.

He played 50 years ago😂

Yeah we need a second ruck that poses a threat forward like Joe or Smack. Clarke just ain’t going to cut it IMO

Got the feeling there’ll be a bit more Egg for a few to wipe off shortly.

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It really wouldn’t take much for him to turn opinion around. He’s got WOB putting him in front of TBC already, so that’s a massive change.

All he really needs to do is kick those goals that he missed. He shouldn’t be missing them, and I’d go so far as to say normally wouldn’t. Unfortunately for him both of his misses led to goals to the opposition.

Ummmm, really ?? … I don’t know how this can be said about any missed goal.

A score of things will lead to a Goal to the opposition, as it will to any one of ours.

Just pointing out, yet again, that your sweeping generalisations have little basis in reality.

Two rucks has worked for this team - whether that’s the specific personnel or a consequence of the rule changes favouring rucks at 666 and grabbing the ball at contests is debatable - but it seems to be definitely making a comeback as a selection tactic.

I suppose I’ve got the advantage- seen a lot more footy, watched trends come and go, and learnt that the only certainty in footy is FarkCarlton.