#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke

I wouldn’t be nearly as nonplussed about two rucks if one of them was Draper.

Both Belly and Clarke have been below average so far.

50 years ago ? Don’t they teach simple arithmetic at your school ?


Fark that cheating diver

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His debut was in 74. 45 years ago.

Not a bad guess by me!

He kicked the last of his goals just two decades ago.


I’m just stirring the old timers up.

Belly will come good. He had a slow start last season and went on to find career best form.

Is it a coincidence that both Brown and Smack played monster games alongside him?

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It’s possible but I wouldn’t say probable.

Belly’s career to date would have to be described as underwhelming. He’s good when he’s on though.

I would like to see Draper have a go.
Woosha tends to hold younger players to a different standard though so we may need to wait a while.

Man you repeat this waaaaaay too much. Word from a lot of people is that Draper is still working on some things. He’ll probably need one of the big guys to get an injury or need a rest to get game this early in the season.

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Isn’t Belly working on a few things?

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Yes it is pure coincidence.

But Clarke was actually okay on Saturday. With all the dropped marks, missed shots at goal, etc., far from being a positively good player, but he did some nice things and got himself involved in play. I’ve been a big fan of Tom Bellchambers, but if I have to choose one of the two to drop to bring in Draper, it would be Tom, I’m afraid.

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I think the main thing is satisfying @Reboot. No one gets anywhere without that stamp of approval.


Not ruck craft though. Maybe a bit of fitness.

There is no doubt we are a better side with belly up and running but he is miles off it at the moment.

If he is carrying an injury then a rest will be the best thing for him.

For the record Draper dominates at VFL so the best thing for him would’ve a new challenge.


You had to have watched the 1970-71 season to be qualified to comment.


I want to see Draper too. But for the record, last week he dominated another category b rookie that’s hasn’t been playing the game for long. They’ll play him when he’s ready. He’s got a very long career ahead. Rucks just take a little longer to get going.

Draper was dominating all last year also.

He’s the best ruck prospect I have seen at our club for a very long time.

I’m not sure what’s holding him back but it’s not form.

Ruck craft. It’s been stated by the club. He’s still learning. And learning very quickly. Apparently physically and athletically he’s in very good shape.