#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke

If the club said it then it must be true.

No. of course not.

People on an internet forum that are still wet behind the ears know way more than people with enough Footy nous and experience at the top level to do it for a job.

Blitz has made that clear since it’s inception.



Well said.

Don’t you get sick of saying this kind of stuff every time you don’t like the narrative? I’d say they nailed selection last week, even though i was critical at the time.

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It’s you that’s getting upset with what I’m saying.

I’m fine with your opinion.

Have no fear. I was around then.

Just looks rusty and not playing to his full capabilities

if this is his 2nd afl game in 1000 days it’s very obvious he can get a lot lot better

I like what he does for the team, he chases, harasses, presents and think he does have some decent marking and handballing skills.


His decision making looks good. Skills just letting him down at the moment. He was a hell of a lot better in his second match so i’d back him in to keep improving.

At least another week.

Zaharakis wasn’t the only player to be taken out of the side last Friday, with ruckman Zac Clarke also pulled out prior to the match due to a corked calf.

Crow confirmed Clarke has sustained a secondary bleed in the calf and revealed the former Docker is unlikely to be available for selection this week.

“Zac Clarke trained a little bit later than the main group last week and looked quite good, it got better the more he did.

“He presented on the day of the game (against the Kangaroos) with more blood in his calf after getting a knock in the previous match. He’s had a secondary bleed from that initial cork within that calf, which has set him back.

“We actually don’t think that he’ll get up for this weekend, but he’s doing everything he can to try to clear the blood from the calf in what is a significant bleed.”

Just watching the Demons replay.

Clarke cannot play again unless all other avenues are explored.

Would prefer Walla to go into the ruck if it means Clarke doesn’t play.

Watch the Brisbane replay. I’m not saying Clarke was great but he was much better in that game.

But I’d still prefer we find out about Draper before Clarke gets another game


Watched the Brisbane game yesterday and thought he was just ok. I’m not a fan of two rucks but especially two that are so ineffectual.

I’m not surprised Belly played his best game on the weekend when he had the responsibility of going alone.

Belly will need a rest soon though and I hope they give Draper his opportunity. I’m not sure what else he can do to get a shot. If the minimum level he needs to meet is Clarke then I am 100% confident he can exceed that.

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Draper had his first game against an AFL level ruck on the weekend and lost the hitouts 24-46. I didn’t see the game but that’s a fair belting. Did you see it?

I thought someone suggested he played limited game time for some reason?


Yeah i thought there might be more to it.

Yeah I watched it.

I wouldn’t exactly call Tom Campbell an AFL level ruckman. It’s not often Draper gets beaten though so it’s not something I would be worried about.

From the preseason reports Draper was smashing both Belly and Clarke at training so I have no doubt if required he could acquit himself very well.

Clarke to me has far more to work on than Draper does.

Pretty sure he’s played against AFL listed rucks before.
He was the lead ruck in the VFL for roughly thr 2nd half of last year.

(I also seem to remember Campbell belting him once or twice, just doesn’t deal well with him)

Draper has played against AFL level rucks like Will Minson in previous years but ha also played against some rank spuds.
Draper was listed in the bests in a team that won by 15 goals ? AFL quality Tom Campbell was not listed in the best for North. Go figure.

Sorry i meant this season. Should have clarified.

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