#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


i dunno man, i think he’s just a dreadful player.


He’s better than nothing they said, he’s all we got they said.


They are saying Fark all now


I take it all back. He’s terrible.

One of the most painful players to ever watch.


Yea this has gotta be where it ends. Next week we go with Hartley, McKernan and Hooker sharing ruck duties. Heck throw stringer through as well. He’s no where near the required level


I take it back too.

Clearly when he played earlier in the year he was in good form by his standards and now he’s not


I know we’ve been spoiled because we’ve had some pretty good ruckmen play for us, but this bloke just doesn’t have a clue about the craft.
He just jumps high and taps the ball, with no thought as to where it’s going, and who it’s going to.


its like watching a car crash


So wrong. He taps 2 metres in front of himself and swans get it every time. Where the ■■■■ are our kids. Standing behind there man, watch it every time.

We are looking for a whipping boy as we won’t bash our mediocre clubmen


Booms it 15 forward, mids still behind


That last clunk mark was hilarious. Gave the urine-extractors hysterics.


Quoting myself from the game day thread, but this genuinely concerns me. The amount of times Aliir didn’t contest, Clarke was meters in space, and instead of taking possession and kicking it forward (or even dishing off a handball to someone running past,) he just thumps it forward…, straight to Aliir who gets the clearance.


In the last he was picking out our players in the ruck and it helped.

But man was he bad for most of the game.


Well said. Much maligned players are easier to blame though rather than favourites.


Overall, he wasn’t as bad as I was expecting


Missed a LOT of footy this year being kept back from VFL as an emergency for TBC, hard to build up any form or momentum. Got thrashed by Alir for 3 quarters, but showed a little bit in the last. We need him, because McKernan is more valuable up forward. Goldie next week…


Just want to remind everyone that our coaching staff played him ahead of Draper earlier this season.


That’s right and judging him on today’s performance I don’t know why the hell why they did?

And now we are really up that well known creek with a broken paddle.


He really isn’t very good is he?


Yep, but our mids need to more aware of his preferred zones because he got them over and over and our mids were still wrapping around the back like it was tbell.

He might actually fair better against a more conventional ruck in Goldy though that feels a bit optimistic as I write it