#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


Wow that looks really bad in hindsight!


He’ll play next week. Smack vs Goldstein will make today look like a vintage Simon Madden performance.


Is it is fault if the mods aren’t in the right spot?
Won some ok taps.
Not sure what people were expecting.


He was awful, like really awful, for three and a half quarters. Can barely run! But we need Smack up forward so we’re stuck with him I suspect.


Wouldn’t need to be a match winner if he could tap to teammates.


He is not a smart ruckman.


There aren’t enough negative adjectives in the English language to describe his game today.


He was actively bad. He could have done nothing, or tapped it to his feet, or grabbed it and kicked, anything but tap it straight to Aliir over and over and over again.

Play Hartley forward/ruck for four quarters vs Coburg, please!

(It looks like we might play both Bowman and Goetz, though.)

The umps ignoring all the holding till the last quarter was rubbish too.


I expect a formal written apology from all of Blitz.


Am I the only one that’s gonna back this poor ■■■■■■■?


Nahh I’m on the bandwagon too.


He’s got another nine games to prove you wrong this year. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is his fault he has no feel for where the mids are. This may improve with more games to gain some cohesion with them, but I have my doubts. He was woefully bad, and showed no footy smarts at all.

To tap it to either there mids ad or to aliir aliir all day is terrible. Its hard to see how they can continue to play him, but they will.



I feel like it’s the very start of the blues brothers where Jake tells Elwood they’re getting the band together, and a after a few run ons with the local Illinois law enforcement community, Illinois nazis, a crazy ex GF, the Good Old Boys and a few other mishaps, the band end up a huge success.

Will play in our next winning final. Bookmark it.


There is no universe where we are a better team with Zac Clarke in it. Play Hartley/mckernan/hooker/stringer and just get some body on the center bounce. We’ll be a lot better around the ground without him.


That’s a step too far me!


Well, while they’re coaching the mids and Clarke on how to midfield, just get them to learn how to deliver inside 50.


Just watched replay. First half he won 6 hitouts where dons players were behind there man a. Why bot have a crack at them AND Clarke.

Not good enough


Blooody lid-onners!


My bad! Meant 10 games as we will finish in the 8 but not top 4. :wink: